Case Study #38

Mortgage Marketing

A Top 10 Mortgage Originator Drives $169m In New Mortgage And Home Equity Loans With Strategic Modeling And An Omnichannel Campaign

The Challenge

A leading bank and top 10 mortgage originator needed a new, more effective approach to reach its aggressive growth goals for new mortgage and home equity loans. A more precise audience strategy that better identified and converted high-quality prospects at a lower acquisition cost was key.


We helped the leading bank increase new loans at lower acquisition costs:


In new mortgage and HELOC loans over 8 months


Acquisition cost per loan (42% lower than goal)


Booked loan rate

The Solution

We developed an audience strategy by using credit bureau data to model clients and prospects who were more likely to respond and open loans with higher balances. We reached them with strong offers and calls to action, optimized the campaign cadence and reached prospects with messaging that employed a strategic omnichannel approach to maximize conversion.

What did we do

We started by understanding and defining the key desired business outcomes:

  • Increase new mortgage and home equity loans
  • Lower acquisition costs per loan
  • Increase the booked loan rate

How did we do it

We developed and executed an effective audience strategy and conversion plan using four essential steps:

  • Developed an audience strategy using credit bureau date to find high-propensity, high-value prospects.
  • Created strong offers and calls to action leading borrowers to a landing page, call center or branch locations.
  • Enhanced campaign cadence from quarterly to monthly.
  • Reached prospects via direct mail, email and display ads with coordinating layout and editorial.
  • Measured and optimized program using A/B testing of landing pages and recorded a 70% application acceptance rate, indicating success in delivering high-quality applicants.

Services provided

  • Audience
  • Channel
  • Messaging
Data & Analytics
  • Modeling
  • Analytics
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Display and Digital Media