Gain actionable intelligence with multichannel marketing analytics.

Need to fill in your measurement gaps? Gain deeper insights from more data and better analytics.

Data pioneers ready to dig into your analytics.

Drowning in data but starving for insights? We turn complex datasets into clear, actionable intelligence to power your marketing performance.

With best-in-class data practices and watertight security, we offer comprehensive solutions to support your goals. Our team consistently pushes the boundaries to serve our clients better.

We have developed novel approaches and strategies to reach new performance standards. This enables us to provide tailored insights that help you make smarter decisions and boost results.

Gain a clear, full picture of your marketing efforts with our suite of measurement solutions.

Why Amsive? We’re the leader of audience-led marketing with better data and bigger insights.

Data trailblazers

As leaders in the digital realm and pioneers of direct-native approaches for over a decade, we consistently push data sources and technology to better serve our clients, developing proprietary solutions as needed. Our innovation empowers deeper, more meaningful insights.

Full-scale data services

We offer full-service expertise across analytics, measurement, data platforms, and integration for maximum value. Our comprehensive capabilities deliver complete data solutions.

Strategic vision

Our team combines technical capabilities and strategic vision to provide insights tailored to your goals. We always focus on actionable intelligence to drive your business forward.

Industry-leading methodology

Our rigorous agency data platform, Xact, ensures the highest quality data that meets compliance standards and reduces risk while offering comprehensive insights.

Platform agnostic

We work across the ever-expanding channel and platform ecosystem to build customized multichannel analytic solutions ensuring smooth workflows and actionable intelligence.

Compliance assured

We uphold the strictest data privacy and compliance standards, with both our practices and partners certified. You can trust us with your sensitive data.

Data is safe and secure with Amsive.

Data leaders – with cutting-edge analytics.  

We consistently push our data sources and technology platforms to their limits in order to better serve our clients and have developed proprietary technology tools to reach new levels of performance standards when third-party technology tools can’t innovate fast enough. 

We work with the best in the business.

Ready to meet your best customers?

Our agency data platform, Xact, revolutionizes your audience intelligence.

More Data

Consumer-friendly, privacy-compliant customer intelligence – from our multi-sourced database representing every U.S. household.

Better Audiences

Known audiences of real people who can drive growth as your next best customer. 

Bigger Impact

A complete and clear picture of marketing impact from an expansive suite of measurement solutions.

Case Study

315% Increase in MROI

We used an audience-led approach to transform this community credit union's membership challenges into a 22% rise in checking account conversions.

Ready to regain control of your channel measurement?