Maximize your marketing performance with Audience Science™.

Combat the marketing challenges that keep you up at night with our audience strategy.

Media fragmentation. Ad waste. Measurement gaps. And more.

Audience Science is centered on your next best customers.

From the beginnings of brand strategy to campaign optimization, your audience provides answers for pivotal marketing decisions – and is the key to amplified results.

We have seen outstanding results from our audience-led strategy for years and named our unique approach Audience Science. With our proven approach, we help you navigate growing fragmentation and data complexity to identify, understand, and engage your highest-value customers, so you can optimize your marketing investment and activate the audiences that matter most.

This unrivaled strategy is based on deep consumer insights sharing the details, intent, and signals only known audiences can provide. We then identify the unique traits of your best customers and find your next best consumers to scale growth – regardless of how much customer data you already have.

Our Audience Science approach informs all that we do. From creative development to brand messaging and channel strategy to media planning, accurate, actionable insights show who is right for your brand – and why – to grow your bottom line.

How do our client partners know it’s working? We share the true impact of your marketing results with a full suite of measurement solutions that span granular optimizations to holistic incrementality.

Ready to meet your best customers?

Our agency data platform Xact™ revolutionizes audience intelligence.

Xact is Amsive’s proprietary agency data platform that powers our Audience Science approach. Our robust platform integrates data from thousands of sources regardless of how much first-party data you already have. It enables us to build unique audience segments, develop predictive models, activate multi-channel campaigns, and track performance.

Xact provides data aggregation, analytics, segmentation, attribution modeling, and reporting in one place. With Xact, our experts can extract powerful insights to enhance audience understanding, improve marketing performance, and scale ROI.

More Data

Consumer-friendly, privacy-compliant customer intelligence – from our multi-sourced database representing every U.S. household.

Better Audiences

Known audiences of real people who can drive growth as your next best customer. 

Bigger Impact

A full and clear picture of marketing impact from an expansive suite of measurement solutions.

Deeply know your next best customers.

Gaining clarity about your customers is harder than ever before. Audience Science taps into our proprietary data ecosystem and leverages predictive modeling to cut through the noise. This unlocks deeper, unprecedented insights into your highest-value audience segments. 

End educated guesswork. Advance your segmentation + predictive modeling.

Sorting through the data and determining your highest potential customers is an ongoing struggle. Audience Science uses advanced segmentation and predictive modeling to identify your most valuable yet untapped segments. This enables precision targeting to optimize your marketing spend on the audiences that matter most.

Navigate walled gardens to reach the right users.

Fragmentation across digital media platforms makes integrated targeting a major challenge. With Audience Science, we help you navigate complex publisher ecosystems and leverage audience data products. This enables precise activation across walled gardens to reach your best segments wherever they are.

Stop ad spill. Start measuring smarter.

Eliminating waste is difficult with the wrong or missing data. Audience Science rigorously tests and measures throughout every stage, generating key insights to encourage your highest ROI with granular attribution and holistic incrementality.

Case Study

400% Higher Conversion Rate

Our data-driven creative strategies broke through national benchmarks in the Medicare Advantage market, resulting in groundbreaking campaign performance.

Ready to apply Audience Science to your channel mix?