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Unrivaled segmentation for marketing efficiency.

In today’s crowded marketplace, effective segmentation is key to connecting with your customers. That’s why our segmentation strategy is unparalleled in the industry.

Using AI and machine learning, we go beyond surface-level demographics to uncover your customers’ core needs and values. Our proprietary segmentation model divides the market into distinct groups based on psychographics, behaviors, attitudes, and purchasing drivers. This enables us to understand what truly motivates your customers to buy. Armed with these deep insights, we can help you craft targeted messaging that resonates with each segment. Speak directly to their wants and needs with relevant offers, content, and experiences. Strengthen engagement and drive conversions with campaigns tailored specifically for each group.

Discover who your best customers are and how to capture their interest. Let our unrivaled segmentation provide a competitive edge by zeroing in on the customers most likely to buy from you. We identify and target only qualified, high-value segments so you can optimize your marketing spend.

Predictive modeling for accurate forecasting.

Effective modeling is key to predicting future outcomes. That’s why our modeling strategy is leagues above the rest.

We go beyond surface-level assumptions to uncover the core drivers and relationships within your data. Our proprietary modeling techniques reveal the most significant factors influencing results. This enables us to understand the true dynamics that will shape your forecasts.

Armed with these insights, we build sophisticated models that capture the complexity of real-world systems. We simulate a wide range of scenarios to stress-test the models before deploying them. This rigorous validation ensures the models will provide accurate forecasts you can confidently act upon. Dig into how our unrivaled modeling can enhance your planning and decision-making, providing a competitive edge to unlock new opportunities.

Marketing Analytics Environment (MAE) Builds

Amsive’s MAE provides the infrastructure to support the 360º execution of campaigns – from audience development through channel delivery to measurement and analytics. We build and host via our cloud-based data warehouse and development platform that gives you speed to market with flexibility around campaign tools, reporting, channel integration, and scalability. Layered with machine learning and advanced analytics, our custom-built MAE integrates with all media applications and measurement platforms.

Marketing Offer Database (MOD) Portal Builds

Provide your team members with quick and easy information retrieval to serve your customers effectively. When we build portals, we’re focused on managing the complete offer lifecycle from product and offer strategy to marketing channel fulfillment, including tracking of real-time data of customer journey stages. This empowers your team to see their performance metrics and gain clear insights for continuous improvement, enhanced productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Discover more about your best audience.

Utilize our predictive modeling and media solutions to identify your most profitable customer segments. We keep you ahead of the competition by making strategic use of AI and machine learning.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Maximize ROI and efficiently allocate your budget with accurate insight into the contribution of each channel. Know how your current marketing mix works to optimize your cross-channel strategy. We forecast your future marketing mix for ultimate competitive performance to help you make data-driven decisions and strategy updates.

Lifetime Value Modeling

We assign a lifetime value to each customer in your database. This gives you more insight into who could become more profitable over time and helps to set CPA/CAC allowables. Beyond just improving acquisition and retention strategies, our lifetime value modeling help inform your pricing strategy, product development, customer service, and more – all to build better customer relationships for sustainable growth focused on the long term.

Budget Optimizer

Refine your marketing mix, allocating budgets effectively, and supercharging campaign performance. Create a roadmap for optimizing budget across media channels. We provide a full picture of your marketing and media landscape – focused on your highest-impact channels, cross-channel strategy, and supercharged reach, engagement, and conversions.

Digital Matchback

Match online and offline data with 1:1 matchback analysis, including offline conversions such as in-store purchases or phone inquiries. We show you what influenced a conversion, improving efficiency and performance over time. Know who acted – and exactly which marketing execution contributed to every action. Understanding the impact of channel conversions ensures performance improvement for the long run.

Incrementality & Lift Analysis

Accurately measure campaign incremental lift and optimize your strategy with our comprehensive lift analysis solution. Leveraging matchbacks, A/B tests, geographically isolated lifts, and more, we isolate the true impact of your campaigns by comparing exposed and control groups in a privacy-compliant way.

Quadrant Analysis

Built for companies with brick-and-mortar locations, our Quadrant Analysis uses the performance data from each individual location and correlates it with trade area potential from our custom model builds. In addition, we evaluate the number of competitors that could be affecting performance or diluting potential. Quad rankings look at the 2×2 mix of performance and potential and can help inform media decisions, spend allocation and market placement, product mix, industry trends, and site selection.

Measure the truth of your marketing efforts.

Dashboard Reporting

Ensure data integrity with highly detailed data reporting. Our custom dashboards offer precise reporting and guarantee your analytics package attributes conversions to the correct channels.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase ad cost-effectiveness and the percentage of visitors who convert. We work alongside your marketing and development teams to ideate, implement, and report on-page tests that increase CRO.

Tagging + Tracking

Trust all your data sources. We ensure all tags are correctly installed, and all ad engines are accurately tracking conversions. In tandem, our analytics and media teams work with you to confirm all media uses uniform campaign names and URL parameters.

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