Drive revenue with innovative, data-led email marketing.

Craft tailored email campaigns that spark meaningful conversation and action from your top consumers with unparalleled audience insights.

Email for the entire consumer journey.

Blending the art and science of email marketing, we craft integrated email campaigns that inspire action – built for your best target audiences.

Effective email marketing requires both the ability to craft engaging emails and learn and optimize based on audience preferences. We use advanced data analysis to enhance and adapt future campaigns while tailoring to customers’ and prospects’ behaviors, needs, and goals.

Across the consumer journey and at every stage of a business’s unique funnel, our email marketing solution drives an audience of your best consumers toward direct sales.

Why Amsive? Deeper audience data. Email channel expertise.

Premier audience insight.

Our Audience Science™ approach ensures you gain a true competitive edge by activating the right audiences. Harnessing our Xact™ agency data platform, we model, message, and measure – ultimately delivering results that go above and beyond.

Seamless multichannel integration.

We break through your toughest email challenges. Our data-driven expertise informs integrated multichannel strategies tailored to your goals, audiences, and consumer journeys to spark unrivaled engagement and action.

Clickable creative that stands out.

From subject line to content, our performance-led creative team shapes brand-aligned emails with persuasive messaging and designs optimized for action.

Unmatched campaign ROI.

With an integrated, full-service approach, our email campaigns generate unmatched ROI across metrics from clicks to conversions, with results above industry benchmarks.

Unrivaled ROI in email marketing.




Higher Engagement


Lift in Conversion

The highest level of data security.

Rigorous protocols and industry-leading solutions safeguard consumer data. Our cybersecurity experts, state-of-the-art systems, and constant vigilance ensure we meet the most stringent security standards required by our financial, healthcare, and government partners.

Supercharge email ROI with Audience Science™.

Break free from blind email blasting and ineffective engagement. Our proprietary Audience Science approach and agency data platform insights empower you to connect with the right audiences, accelerating business growth.

Searching for a stronger multichannel strategy?