ZOA Energy 

Soaring to the top 1% of Shopify stores with data-driven success.


Paid Media, Performance Creative, Strategy, Web Development



Faced with the challenge of quickly establishing an ecommerce presence, ZOA partnered with us to implement an agile, innovative strategy, resulting in a rapid ROI increase and propelling ZOA’s site traffic into the top 1% of all Shopify stores.


Seeking a fast track to online presence and market penetration.

Energized with a bold vision, ZOA, a fresh face in the plant-based energy drink sector, was poised to make waves in the bustling drinks market. ZOA’s goal was ambitious and clear: rapidly carve out an online presence and establish a well-optimized direct-to-consumer strategy, ensuring their all-natural energy drinks stand out and reach a wide, receptive audience.


Turning insights into action with a multi-faceted strategy.

Our team used a data-centric approach, which allowed us to identify, engage, and measure ZOA’s ideal audiences, enabling laser-focused targeting and compelling messaging.

We crafted an integrated, dynamic strategy that blended website design, targeted media planning, sophisticated marketing automation, and a subscription model. This powerhouse combination was designed to supercharge ROI, forge deeper customer connections, and deliver results that would leave the competition in the dust. 


A swift rise to the top with cutting-edge D2C strategy. 

Our innovative strategy catapulted ZOA’s site into the elite top 1% of all Shopify stores within just a week of launching the DtC strategy. ZOA’s CPA saw a significant decrease, resulting in a tremendous surge in ROI. Now, with the help of an Audience Science-driven strategy, ZOA thrives with a robust DtC presence that continually fuels growth.