Casual Dining Restaurant Chain

The perfect recipe for unrivaled ROAS.


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A casual dining restaurant chain with 130+ locations in 18 southern and midwestern states had multiple goals across a diverse set of customers. With first-party data and Audience Science™, we helped them exceed both in-store and for online orders.


ROAS from online orders


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Many goals. One plan of attack.

This casual dining restaurant chain had a lot on its plate:

  • Grow inside restaurant traffic and sales
  • Drive revenue from delivery apps and curbside purchases
  • Optimize opportunities to expand products and services all at once

We brought a unique solution to the table. Our Audience Science approach focused on identifying and defining the highest-value dine-in and curbside customers.

How did they behave? Which types of media do they prefer? What motivates them? Our team tailored multichannel strategy and creative messaging from these individual details to speak directly to each person.


Know the markets that can power sales potential.

Our unique Audience Science approach layered data from several sources, including first-party data, data from our agency data platform, and location-based quad analysis.

Our quadrant analysis defined four types of markets based on current performance and future potential. Our analytics and tracking framework aligned results with the quad analysis for further optimization.

This market-specific approach guaranteed that media spending was precisely allocated, eliminating unnecessary ad waste. Focused on high-potential markets, we went all in with a multichannel strategy and full-funnel mix. The highest-value customers in markets with less potential received a modified, lower-funnel focus, ensuring business objectives were prioritized instead of the publisher algorithm.


The perfect recipe for optimal ROAS.

From increasing in-store visits to optimizing online orders, our Audience Science™ approach unlocked the best strategy for this esteemed casual dining restaurant chain.

This approach allowed us to craft tailored multichannel strategies and precise messaging that resonated with the individual. By placing a laser-focused emphasis on high-value markets and eliminating ad waste, we served up a delightful plate of unprecedented ROAS.

We met and exceeded in-store and online curbside pick-up goals with a blend of intelligent analysis and personalization. This meticulous approach ensured that every penny spent ignited action within the right markets and people.


ROAS from online orders


Total Cost Per Visit


Total Store Visits