Roscato Wine 

Breaking through in a crowded category to win consumers.


Brand Voice, Creative Direction, Illustrations, Strategy, Web Design


Retail + Consumer Goods

Launching a new brand in a very crowded category is never easy. But imagine you also had to reach an atypical consumer. This was exactly the situation that Roscato was facing when they came to us for a 360-degree approach, including creative and an integrated marketing plan that quickly led to success.


A quest for standout success in a saturated market.

In a world where wine advertising often veers towards the conventional, Roscato had a challenge: how to market their unique, sweet offering to people who were not typical wine drinkers. Traditional wine marketing messages would fail to resonate with this younger, more diverse audience, so we helped them reinvent wine marketing by breaking the mold and cutting through the noise.



A strategic blueprint for market differentiation.

We developed a 360-degree strategy to position Roscato as a wine not made for typical wine drinkers in a sea of wines and spirits. Based on our Audience Science™ approach, including data collection and proprietary primary research, we developed creative and media channel tactics to sell this distinctive wine to a new kind of wine consumer. Our full-service approach allowed us to develop a plan that included experiential events, enhanced packaging, point-of-sale materials, a new website, and social media content.


Roscato Rosso Dolce is the #11 wine SKU out of tens of thousands.

By identifying and reaching an untraditional audience, we helped Roscato achieve considerable success, including Roscato Rosso Dolce reaching the #11 wine spot and the Roscato brand climbing to the top 10 Italian wines in the United States.