Case Study #37


Car Manufacturer Delivers Highly Personalized Marketing Materials With Automation Platform

The Challenge

A major auto dealer was looking for a better way to manage the process of creating highly personalized brochures for prospects who “raised their hand” in interest. The goal was to create a streamlined system to manage a complex set of changing data and images, formatted to multiple formats. It needed to be easy to manage and track, while providing prospects with details about their exact car of interest, from their local dealer and compelling offers tailored to their unique parameters. The solution also needed to reduce the man-hours devoted to these tasks. An online platform would be key to this effort.


We helped the auto dealer boost the output, personalization and speed of its marketing:


Brochures annually


Reduction in man-hours


Improvement in speed to market

The Solution

We transformed how the dealership conducted its acquisition marketing through the implementation of an automation platform that would manage the dealer’s data and create and fulfill highly personalized acquisition brochures. The platform enables the production of dozens of brochure formats containing dynamic content and offers tailored to each recipient’s product interests.

What did we do

We started by understanding and defining the key desired business outcomes:

  • Increase efficiencies in the process management, fulfillment, tracking and reporting of brochure production
  • Reduce man-hours
  • Improve speed to market

How we do it

We implemented a new approach to acquisition marketing using an automated online platform in four essential steps:

  • Developed a sophisticated automation platform to manage content data, production processes, fulfillment, tracking and reporting.
  • Created hundreds of rules and templates to ensure on-brand data, content and messaging.
  • Sent prospects highly personalized multi-page brochures with unique content based on their interests, regional incentives and dealership information.
  • Got materials in hands of potential customers within 72 hours of receiving their data.

Services provided

Data & Analytics
  • Database
  • Processing
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Direct Mail