Meet Xact™.

Our agency data platform powers limitless growth by building a roadmap to sustainable ROI.

Xact empowers B2C and B2B marketers to know more than ever before about American consumers.


More Data

Consumer-friendly, privacy-compliant customer aintelligence – from our multi-sourced database representing every U.S. household.


Better Audiences

Known audiences of real people who can drive growth as your next best customer.


Bigger Impact

A full and clear picture of marketing impact from an expansive suite of measurement solutions.

Xact Data

Dig into data.

Your first-party data. Plus, consumer intelligence representing every U.S. household.

Our proprietary, multi-sourced agency data platform unifies your first-party data and aggregated data to build a complete, known picture of your best customers and prospects. Know more than ever before about the people that can move your business forward – and what to do next.

250 million US adults

Demographic and firmographic data.

70,000 online activity data points

Real-time variables of behavioral and online activity.

4,000+ offline data points

Real-world information, including income, education, and more.

400+ data aggregators

Customer engagement data.

Online meets offline.

We connect offline and online IDs and behaviors to help brands learn more than ever before with a 360° view of their highest-value customers​.

Our identity resolution matches anonymous site visitors to known profiles, stitching together fragmented data into a unified customer connection that fuels your growth.

Navigate data silos across publisher audience products.

Thread the needle in today's publisher audience ecosystem with help from our expert team.

We maximize the value of these highly technical solutions, deeply versed in audience products from Google, Meta, and more. We're there at every step to guide the implementation needed to meet your business goals.

Our hands-on management ensures from universal audience list uploads to optimization, you are on a straight course, avoiding any unnecessary no-man's-land on the way to superior results.

Xact Audience

Build better audiences.

Unpack your first-party data with better profiling.

Treasure trove or no man’s land, consumer profiling intelligence from your first-party data can only be unlocked by expert hands.

With deep experience in data and consumer intelligence, we inspect and evaluate groups, segments, and personas within your past and current database, searching for core traits.

Our modeling means you meet new people – who are primed to convert.

We then analyze and score more opportunities within the market, monitoring real-time behavioral attributes and recent activities.

Better understand prospect behavior with in-market indicators such as intent or purchase history, targeting audiences engaging with your competitors. See if customers are shopping elsewhere and exploring other options to determine behaviors consistent across customers for retention and cross-sell campaigns.

The result: a custom propensity model dialed into people with only the highest likelihood for conversion and loyalty.

Determine your market potential.

Know exactly how many prospects you have reached and how many households fit your profile and are available to reach, defining your media budget maximums.

Streamlined look-a-like audiences.

We find the consumers within our database who match our customer model and integrate this audience into in-channel campaign targeting.

No customer list, no problem.

Limited or no first-party data doesn’t stop our team. Our persona investigation digs into demographic and behavioral data to identify audiences that align, sharing the key traits of people within your best target audience.

We also use site pixels and tags to measure site visitors, adding it to the existing information we have to build look-a-like audiences.

Xact Impact

Measure impact.

See a full picture of performance and the impact of your marketing investment.

Our full suite of measurement solutions measures the real impact of your marketing investment. From connecting online and offline activity to custom reporting and the lifetime value of your best customers, we dig into the data and provide actionable insights and untapped opportunities that power your business growth engine.

From leads to loyal customers.

Go beyond superficial metrics with incrementality measurement that directly ties marketing efforts to sales impact. We scientifically measure the lift generated by each audience, channel, tactic, and campaign, quantifying true performance.

Educated guesswork doesn't work for us.

Having the right insights ensures optimal budget allocation, validates spend, and powers continuous optimization guided by the facts.

Our custom reporting simplifies complex analytics into intuitive dashboards with clear insights. Get full visibility into what's working and what's not through easy-to-digest visualizations mapped to business goals. Data demystification empowers smarter decisions and strategies.

We amplify marketing ROI by proving value, driving efficiency, and guiding improvements based on the truth of your incremental lift.

Go the distance with stronger analytics solutions.

Our advanced analytics provide actionable insights to optimize your marketing strategy. From conversation rate optimization to multitouch attribution, refine your current analytics to provide a clearer picture of the full impact of your efforts.

Together, our suite of analytics solutions offers accurate insights to maximize ROI across channels, providing an air-tight strategy for efficiency.

Case Study

20% Lower Cost per Acquisition

Leveraging our proprietary audience approach, we transformed this national insurance carrier's marketing, achieving personalization and relevancy, and reducing cost per bind.

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