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Drive more traffic from Google Discover.

Find the opportunities you’re losing out on.

Google Discover can be a massive traffic driver for many types of websites, especially for news and publishers. But it can feel like a mystery to understand how Discover works and how your site can drive more traffic from Discover. Our Discover audits use data-driven insights and competitive analysis to illuminate what works for your site and then how your site can capitalize on relevant trends.

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Supercharge your Discover traffic.

Our expert team can pinpoint key opportunities to optimize for Google Discover, without compromising your organic search strategy. Our goal is to highlight how Discover can send significant organic traffic and visibility to your site.

Award-winning expertise.

Lily Ray, our Sr. SEO Director + Head of Research, has been at the forefront of research and communication about Google Discover since it was launched in 2018.

After years of research, usage, and testing hundreds of thousands of URLs, Amsive has launched Google Discover audits to pinpoint where your company’s content intersects intent and interest. We have helped numerous companies apply our Audience Science techniques to ranking and reaching new audiences in Google Discover.

Our team has been recruited to provide insights for industry publications, conferences and SEO events around the world to help others learn how Google Discover is the personalized interest-based search result every user wants.