Guide to Incrementality Testing + Measurement

As technology and consumer patterns evolve, so must your media strategy. Learn how to implement incremental measurement techniques such as control-test experiments, matchback analysis, and inclusion/exclusion testing to gain insights into marketing effectiveness across channels from programmatic to TV – with actionable strategies to optimize your media mix.

Measure the real impact of your media mix.

Accurate and actionable insights don’t appear overnight. You need a clear picture of your media mix with precise, comprehensive measurement within and across channels.

Unlock next-level insights with new measurement strategies.

To ensure every ad dollar delivers its maximum potential, marketers must analyze vital data scattered across first-party databases, walled gardens, and various data partners. And with the decline of third-party cookies, the spotlight is now on incremental measurement.

In this guide, we’ll help you understand the nuances of incrementality measurement, from test types to channel application, so you can pinpoint the drivers of stellar results and invest in the media strategies that impact your bottom line.

Our Guide to Incrementality Testing + Measurement covers:

  • How to measure marketing incrementality
  • How to set up control and exposed groups
  • How to run geographic and audience tests
  • How to measure direct and indirect incrementality
  • How to optimize via programmatic and TV buys