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Drive loan growth with consumer finance marketing.

Navigate consumer change and choice with audience-led strategy. Deliver relevant, personalized marketing to the right consumers. Optimize campaign performance with a test-learn-improve approach.   


Smart, sustainable loan growth with audience-led customer finance and consumer credit marketing.

Today’s consumers have unique and rapidly changing financial needs. As opportunities to grow your loan acquisition program increase, consumers also have more choice than ever before. Major retailers, peer-to-peer lenders, and pure digital players are expanding into this new market space. 

As consumers’ lives change, acquire consumer lending relationships and grow your loan portfolio by leveraging the latest offline and online consumer data along with credit bureau information to drive profitable, sustainable loan growth. 

At Amsive, we create value and growth for consumer finance organizations with audience-led, performance-focused marketing strategy. Reach your best audience with our data modeling and segmentation. Use behavior-based signals to deliver relevant offers through the most cost-efficient channels. And by pairing rich consumer insights with credit bureau data, we help you manage the risks of delinquency and avoid charge-offs.   

How We Work

Consumer finance performance marketing – across the customer journey. 

Think beyond only acquisition to drive smart, sustainable loan growth. Our approach takes data modeling and segmentation to an entirely new level. We start with rich consumer insights and pair them with daily credit bureau data, taking audience modeling and segmentation to a whole new level. Then we connect behavior-based signals with offers to deliver at the right time, with the right message, through the most cost-efficient channel. 

Account Acquisition

Deliver material loan growth with the right targeting, channels, and creative messaging. Acquire consumer loans, aligning with your portfolio goals’ credit quality.


Develop a personalized experience for new account holders, ensuring payments, engagement, and referrals.

Retention + Engagement 

Find and proactively reach customers who qualify for additional funds or a lower payment and respond quickly to changing account holder payment trends before default. 

Driven Business Impact

Attract and grow profitable, risk-tolerable relationships with your best audience of consumers. Deliver relevant, personalized marketing to precisely the right consumers, with the right message and activation mechanisms in the channels they prefer. Optimize campaign performance with a test-learn-improve approach. 

Define your target audience.

Build your best audience from strategic segments or custom audiences to reach a wider net of your target whether that is broad consumer sets or focused high net worth households. We layer your data along with daily feeds from credit bureaus. Using modeling, trigger and AI technology, we dynamically target credit-qualified consumers. Reach geographically targeted active consumers with trigger-based programs or use AI-based behavioral signaling programs to capture the people primed with early intent. 

Optimize multichannel strategy.

Engage consumers in key moments across key channels in their journey and media landscape. From your audience’s habits and preferences, build a seamless experience that compels action in specific moments. We build campaigns to reach them at intent-specific moments, making the most of your ad spend.

Personalized creative that compels action.

Connect unique value to intent-signaled consumers with personalized offers and incentives that demonstrate you know and understand them. Creative that sells is impactful, authentic, and relevant, having a 1:1 conversation with ideal consumers. With our deep expertise in the consumer finance industry, including regulatory requirements, we create compliant messaging that connects quickly with consumers.

Measure the full impact of consumer finance marketing performance. 

We employ a robust process of continually testing and optimizing your campaign to increase response rates, lower acquisition costs, and improve your marketing ROI. Our analytics, reporting tools, testing strategies, holdouts and attribution reports all equip you to make informed strategic decisions and demonstrate the full impact of your marketing programs. Acting as an extension of your team, we implement campaigns efficiently and seamlessly. Our team helps you optimize your budget and prioritize your time to get programs in-market quickly and efficiently.

Case Study

315% Increase in MROI

We used an audience-led approach to transform this community credit union's membership challenges into a 22% rise in checking account conversions.

Award-winning consumer finance campaigns.