We start with data insights to inform your audience strategy and end with measurement that validates results of your marketing campaigns.


Insights guide better marketing decisions

Big data isn’t just for the big guys anymore. Our data-rich platform makes enterprise-level information accessible for more than just the largest companies. We show our clients consumer insights that reveal who their customers truly are, what influences them, and what ultimately leads them to buy a product or service. 

By leveraging the power of our industry-leading data warehouse, advanced analytical processes, and cloud based-marketing exchanges, we give clients the tools to make smarter, more informed decisions across the entire marketing spectrum. 


How we work

Driving stronger campaign performance with smarter audience strategies

  1. Consumer Insights: Our consumer insights demonstrate who your customers are, what influences them and what ultimately leads them to buy your product or service. 
  2. Consumer Data: We have an expansive consumer file for online and offline data.
  3. Models and DMP: We start by linking a client’s modeled prospect files with ID graph capabilities and on-ramped into the industry’s largest Data Management Platform for online signals showing intent to purchase.
  4. Profiles: We deliver comprehensive profiles–whether it be of existing customers – or modeled prospects – with insights that are the foundation of our audience strategy and impact the campaign messaging and channel options. 

Digital Innovators with Better Analytics

We are dedicated optimizers who employ cutting-edge technologies to produce next-level campaign intelligence across the online and offline media landscape. We consistently push our data sources and technology platforms to their limits in order to better serve our clients and have developed proprietary technology tools to reach new levels of performance standards when third-party technology tools can’t innovate fast enough.