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PUBLISHED: Oct 4, 2019 2 min read

The Sub-Domain: A Culmination of SEO and Foodie Passion

Written by Paul Van Hevel, Lauren Welles, and Joe Woll

Our kitchen is an important beacon of AmsiveDigital culture, and home to many critical and philosophical discussions, such as:

What does and does not constitute a sandwich?

If the definition for a sandwich reads “an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them,” then technically a quesadilla is a sandwich – prompting further debate – if a quesadilla is a sandwich, then a taco is a hot dog, and an open-faced sandwich is a pizza…

On one such passionate day sitting at the kitchen counter, we stumbled upon a concept that would consume the remaining half of our Friday and the months to follow. A wordplay effort pairing our two favorite topics: SEO and food.

The end result? A cross-channel marketing masterpiece initialized by our SEO Team, effortlessly brought to life by our Design and Web Team, and gifted to the world in all its glory by our Social Team.

Welcome to the Sub-Domain. Ordering to-go or will you E-A-T in?

the subdomain a culmination of seo and foodie passion by path interactive

Download The Sub Domain Menu

Here at Amsive Digital we cherish our community which fosters creativity and passion that feeds into our careers as digital marketers, our work with clients, and relationships with each other. So much so that it’s not uncommon for work talk to flow seamlessly into lunch talk. 

Seasonal Offerings (Stay Tuned)

  • Gary Quiche
  • Cindy Krumcake
  • Dr. Petestrami
  • Dana DiTomato Basil Soup
  • Dawn Andersonny-side up Eggs
  • Mike King Size Cola
  • Duane Black Forrester Ham Sandwich
  • Wil F*&%ing Reynolds Wrapped Burrito to Go
  • And more (2020)…

AmsiveDigitalie Picks (Favorite Menu Item)

  • Paul VanHevel (SEO): The Barry Schwarma
  • Lauren Welles (SEO): Incognito Burrito
  • Joe Woll (SEO): The Moscow Mueller
  • Alec Cole (SEO): Keyword Stuffed Peppers
  • Shaun McIntosh ($$$): Incognito Burrito
  • Emil Mequita (SEO): The Algo-Rhythms
  • Lily Ray (SEO): Canonical Tagalongs
  • Sarah Gray (SEO): Canonical Tagalongs
  • Ian Pfister (SEO): Local Brew 3 Pack
  • Bambi Frazier (SEO): The Barry Schwarma
  • Logan Compton (SEO): The Big Bill Le”Slaw”Ski 
  • Chase Porter (SEO): Whiskey with Simple SERPs
  • Romain Damery (SEO): Peking DuckDuckGo
  • Giovanni Peguero (SEO): The Big Bill Le”Slaw”Ski
  • Vlad Abramyants (Creative): The Moscow Mueller
  • Daniel Luong (Analytics): Peking DuckDuckGo
  • Matt Perlman (Accounts): Metamame
  • Sara Molnick (Accounts): Schema Wrap
  • Ezra Sackett (Paid Media): The Algo-Rhythms
  • Keelan Crampsey (Paid Media): The Barry Schwarma
  • Benton Olivares: Local Brew 3 Pack
  • Sarah Domingo (SEO): The Moscow Mueller

Bonus: can you find our secret menu?