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PUBLISHED: Apr 25, 2018 3 min read

The Road to High-Performance Performance Marketing

Kodak, PanAm, Radio Shack. What do these companies have in common? Though they were once giants in their respective industries, they got left behind during pivotal moments of innovation and disruption in the digital age.

Some may argue that besides a lack of willingness to adapt, these companies were hindered by losing sight of a key focus: relevant performance metrics. What may have left them in the dust was an inability to evolve along with the changing processes of performance marketing, an essential component in any consistently thriving business.

What is Performance Marketing?

In the digital marketing sphere, performance marketing has traditionally referred to a process in which marketers are only charged for their online advertisements if an action was performed as a result of their ad. However, the definition of this term is changing as agencies begin to better understand the long-term arc of how purchase decisions are made and to shift their interpretations of what qualifies as a valuable KPI accordingly.

Valuable Performance Metrics

At Amsive Digital, we recognize that trust is built when business intelligence goes beyond campaign front-end metrics and focuses on growth opportunities, market positioning, customer personas and journey mapping, website optimization, and collaborative communication hours.

Specifically, our paid media team looks beyond the final click to consider and strategize for all stages of the consumer journey. Our team crafts customized plans and leverages several platforms in tandem, thus proving attribution models and guiding long-term success.

When it comes to SEO, we strive to drive leads through the funnel by using effective marketing communications that do more than just rank highly – they also convey messaging that genuinely resonates with target audiences at key moments. We aim to position our compelling content to be prominent in search results when people are in market and ready to take action. However, that’s just half the battle. A high-performing website is also one that provides thorough and efficient answers to users’ questions, provides an engaging experience, and ensures users’ ease in navigation. A high-performing piece of paid media should be judged by similar standards.

Driving High-Performance Marketing

So, as Q2 continues to fly by, ask yourself:

  • Are all of your stakeholders focused on the correct set of goals?
  • Are all of your teams aligned on the tactics set in place to achieve those goals?
  • What processes do you have in place to ensure you are meeting and exceeding those goals?

The relentless pursuit of truly understanding a business and laying the groundwork to drive high performance should be at the center of the client onboarding process. As campaign launches take place and adjustments are made, ensure that all new conversations and plans do not lose sight of the end goals: achieving high performance while focusing on valuable performance metrics.

Make 2018 the year that you are in full throttle with your performance marketing. If you’re not sure how to start optimizing your marketing strategy, Amsive Digital can help. Contact us today to chat about how we can help you identify metrics that matter and create content that drives results.