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PUBLISHED: Sep 13, 2012 2 min read

The Branding Process

It always amuses me to go to other agency websites and see how they “Brand” their branding process. Stupid names and frankly the names are the only real substance most of them have to offer. Some, of course find it clever. But in the end of the day it really is all about the really smart people you bring to the table to solve a strategic hiccup. Smart people who can look at a challenge, research it and come back with a strategic insight or two that will change the course of your business in a very good way. And an agency our size can only afford to have Branding Strategists with this “smart gene.”

There was a very nice and smart agency (Grace and Rothschild) not long ago that had a specific selling proposition of taking only ten clients. This was so the “smart thinkers” would be hands on and not meet you at the new business presentation and then go away. We have a very similar mantra…take on only the number of challenges that will allow us to expose our “smart” strategists in a comfortable manner. And make no mistake, REAL BRAND STRATEGISTS ARE NOT A DIME A DOZEN. And just in case there is any confusion, here is the definition of INSIGHT:” THE ABILITY TO IDENTIFY WHAT’S MISSING AND BRING IT TO LIFE”. Two of my favorite insights (aside from the ones Agency212 has uncovered over the years….see the “create your own category” section on our website) are: VOLVO (Quick, what core value did they own?…..SAFETY) Kudos to Ed McCabe from my alma mater for that insight (I was fortunate enough to work on this account) AND …”Got Milk” Brilliant discovery by the folks at Gooby Silverstein (In my opinion still the best LARGER creative agency in this country).
And let’s face it, if you are a really good CMO or CEO what you want from your agency is CHALLENGE. Because, in the end, what is the point to hiring an agency that exactly mirrors your skill sets. Give it some thought and call me 212 994 6601.