PUBLISHED: Oct 28, 2020 4 min read

Direct Mail Automotive Campaigns: How to Optimize

Strategies that go beyond digital. 

Today’s consumers are a lot smarter because of the internet. Information is readily available for anyone who’s interested in buying something, let’s say a car, and helps them make the right buying decision. This makes the sales process more efficient for auto dealers as customers already have an idea of what they want to buy.

The problem with this can be too much information. Consumers are being overloaded with information when they check their email, social media, watch videos and visit websites[amsive_tooltip term=”mass-media”].  All this can lead to a type of advertising fatigue and the only way you’re going to get noticed is if you cut through the noise.

To stand out, you need a strategy that goes beyond digital. 

Why Direct Mail Marketing

Physical mail provokes an emotional response. Especially now with the coronavirus crisis, consumers are longing for a sense of connection. Getting direct mail[amsive_tooltip term=”direct-mail”] from you might just be the strategy you need to pull your business out of the pandemic blackhole. 

A direct mail study conducted by Millward Brown reveals that physical mail leaves a “deeper footprint” in the brain. Things that people can touch and feel require more emotional processing. This is critical for memory and brand association. 

Direct mail can stimulate more powerful emotions and is easier for consumers to remember than its digital counterpart (email). More customers today appreciate receiving physical mail from businesses simply because it has a more personal feel. And with the right messaging, you can establish a greater connection with your audience which in return can lead to sales, brand loyalty, and referrals.

Ways to Optimize Your Direct Mail Automotive Campaigns

Let’s take a look at how you can harness the power of direct mail marketing[amsive_tooltip term=”direct-mail-marketing”] to boost sales and lead generation.

Make It Personal

Always consider what you want your customer to feel while reading your direct mail advertisement. Your messaging[amsive_tooltip term=”messaging-strategy”] is crucial if you want to convert leads to sales.

For example, something as simple as using your customers’ first name in the mail body can do wonders for your campaign. The brand experience becomes more intimate for your recipients and also shows that you care for them as an individual.

Here are other ways you can incorporate customized techniques into your direct mail automotive marketing campaign:

Renewal Reminders

Does your customer have an upcoming 100,000-mile service checkup? Sending a direct mail to remind them to set up an appointment is a good way to leave a positive impression about your business. It makes customers feel cared for by your dealership and increases the chance of return visits.

Pre-Filled Forms

Making things convenient for customers greatly improves response rates. Including a pre-filled contact form[amsive_tooltip term=”contact-form”] in your direct mail makes it convenient for them to send in their financial application form or availing promos in the mail. This definitely increases the chances of getting higher response rates even from cold leads.

Explore a Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

Your automotive marketing campaign should cover all bases imaginable. If you want to sell more cars in your dealership, pair your direct mail marketing campaign with other advertising techniques.

You’ve already captured their attention through the mail, why not make the most out of it and encourage the use of your digital assets? 

For example, encourage your customers to visit your social media pages or your website to get more information about an upcoming announcement. Remind them to join your mailing list for exclusive promos, events, and other specials.

In Conclusion

We’re committed to providing auto dealers with the data and methods required to increase your team’s sales through direct mail automotive marketing campaigns.

Learn how Amsive leverages data and insights to drive meaningful, measurable connections across the entire consumer journey by contacting us today.