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PUBLISHED: May 27, 2021 3 min read

Pairing Direct Mail Marketing with Social Media

Increasing your reach by communicating with consumers across multiple channels.

More businesses are actively using digital marketing[amsive_tooltip term=”digital-marketing”] strategies to reach their target audience who frequent social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But since the pandemic, many have switched to digital marketing to promote their offers, making this channel quite busy and competitive. It becomes rather easy for small businesses to struggle to cut through the noise. Thus, they start investing in a more intimate form of marketing such as direct mail marketing[amsive_tooltip term=”direct-mail-marketing”].

Even though it seems like the younger generation is glued to their smartphones and gadgets, the influx and clutter of information have turned them numb to digital ads. The majority of internet users are experiencing email fatigue that results in lower click and open rates. 

personalized direct mail may be the cure for their fatigue while also allowing your brand to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Combining direct mail and social media channels in your marketing strategy increases your reach by communicating with consumers across multiple channels[amsive_tooltip term=”multichannel-marketing”]. You can capitalize on the social media engagement you receive through marketing efforts and take the relationship on a more personal level through direct mail. 

Here’s how you can pair direct mail marketing with social media.

Differentiate Your Brand

With everyone going digital, it’s obvious how tight the competition is in this space. Everyone is trying to ride on the trends. Content is becoming all too similar and it becomes too difficult to differentiate your brand from competitors especially on social media. 

By adding direct mail to your marketing, you can create a more intimate and memorable experience for your audience.

You can also use insights from your social media channels to see what content your audience is likely to interact with, what posts have the best engagement, and how you can use them for direct mail. 

Refine Your Direct Mail Targeting Through Social Media Analytics

If your audience is actively engaged with your brand through social media pages, you can use Social Analytics to get a better understanding of your demographics, interests, and behavior. Use this information so that you can create the right messaging and provide the right offering for your target audience in your direct mail.

Using Geo-Targeting

You can also use social media data to narrow down your mailing list. Especially if you have ad campaigns, you can use your data to identify which campaign worked for certain locations, age range, gender, ethnicity, etc. This gives you an idea of how to structure your mail piece before you even design it. 

If you’re thinking of sending geo-targeted content and promotions, this data can come in very handy. This also allows you to branch out to new geographic locations and focus on a particular zip code through direct mail.

Many businesses use both direct mail and social media marketing to optimize their overall marketing strategy. Diving into multi-channel marketing strategies can increase your brand awareness and engagement, boost response rates, and strengthen customer relations.

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