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PUBLISHED: Jun 10, 2024 1 min read

How SEO Marketers Can Move Beyond Checklists

Lily Ray

Lily Ray

Vice President, SEO Strategy & Research

It’s a common belief that implementing SEO for a website consists of checking a list of to-do items off of a pre-defined checklist. However, this approach can often lead to poor results, as a good SEO strategy requires much more than a simple checklist. Furthermore, relying heavily on popular SEO tactics can even put the site at risk of being affected by algorithm updates or manual actions.

In my MozCon talk this year, I discussed the importance of moving away from an SEO checklist mentality – plus avoiding SEO tunnel-vision and obsessing over recommendations from tools – in order to focus on the bigger picture and providing meaningful, revenue-driving strategies for clients.

Check out my slides and the corresponding flowchart to build sustainable, algorithm-proof SEO strategies:

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