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September 2023 Helpful Content Update

Was your website negatively impacted?

Our SEO team has developed a new, compact ‘Helpful Content Update’ (HCU) audit to help site owners identify why Google may have determined website content to be unhelpful for searchers.

Rebuild and future-proof your web traffic.

With the Sept 2023 Helpful Content Update, our team has already analyzed hundreds of websites and spotted likely patterns we believe are the culprit to their losses in visibility. With this offering, we want to provide likely causes of the decline and solutions for improving.

Award-winning expertise.

Lily Ray, our Sr. SEO Director + Head of Research, has been at the forefront of research and communication about Google’s Helpful Content ranking system since the official day it was launched in August of 2022.

Since that point, we have helped numerous companies address HCU demotions by focusing on reducing unhelpful content and improving the quality of content.

Our team has been recruited to provide insights for industry publications, conferences and SEO events around the world around how the HCU works, who is impacted, and how to recover.

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