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PUBLISHED: Mar 9, 2022 3 min read

Women in Digital Marketing: Representation, Inspiration, and the Future in Focus

Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray

Group Director, SEO & Digital Content

From day one, our agency has been built around the talent, dedication, and passion of our people. We know every client win, novel solution, and ingenious strategy comes from their thoughtfulness and hard work – and 60% of these Amsive Digital team members are women.

During March, as we celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’re also celebrating the powerful leadership of women within the marketing industry and our own agency. Highlighting the insights and inspiration that we’ve learned from women we’ve worked with throughout our careers.

Women in Leadership

In 2021, the global proportion of women in senior management grew to its highest number ever recorded — only 31%. However, marketing and advertising lead other industries with both higher proportions of women generally and women in leadership roles.

At Amsive Digital, 60% of management roles are held by women. From managers to senior vice presidents and more, our teams’ many successes come from their leadership and guidance.

It’s well-documented that women are less likely to hold senior leadership roles compared to lower managerial roles within companies. In 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that women hold only 29% of chief executive roles, defined as a wide range of senior-level occupations. Within our agency, 54% of Amsive Digital senior leadership roles are held by women. We know that this representation matters.

Our committment to transformational change.

Every decision counts, and we’re committed to meaningful change in our industry and our world. These statistics aren’t a pat on the back, but proof of our agency’s core values. We’re continuing to invest in building an even more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace that encourages and empowers every person to be their best selves.

We know that women of color are least represented within management and senior leadership in every industry. A key tenant of our operations includes actively recruiting women of color through a variety of diversity-led hiring and retention practices. Why? We’re constantly working to further develop a workplace that’s representative of our values.

We recognize the wit and wisdom of women we’ve worked with — and who’ve inspired our own work.

While ‘history’ is in the name, Women’s History Month celebrates the forward-facing progress our society has made, by and large by women who have two feet squarely turned towards what could be. That’s where digital marketing lives too — in the future. Ready for not just right now, but tomorrow’s possibilities, every digital marketer has something to learn from the strength, resiliency, and imagination of women who’ve dedicated themselves to thinking beyond what can be done with the tools of today and making the impossible possible.