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PUBLISHED: Nov 14, 2019 4 min read

Why Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead

One of the effective marketing tools. 

Several business owners cannot find the right marketing platform, which can be a hindrance when trying to increase sales or grow your business. There are various platforms to pick from and one of them is direct mail marketing[amsive_tooltip term=”direct-mail-markting”].

Print marketing might not be as common as it used to be, but it is far from dead. Direct mail is not only an effective marketing tool but it is also cheap. Read more to learn all about direct mail marketing and ways to use it to increase sales.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is essentially sending mail to all your potential and existing customers, which will lead them to invest in your product or service. A direct mail contains your company’s contact details, your logo, and a detailed description of what you do.

Different Types of Direct Mail

A few types of direct mail can help you reach out to your audience. These include:


This direct mail form is probably the most common one. If you get a letter, there is a very high chance you will open it to check what it says inside. Letters are an effective way of targeting your audience and getting your message across.


Newsletters have gained recognition over the years since they are affordable and quick. A newsletter will contain all the details about your business and promotional offers that may be offered with your product or service.


Catalogs are not as common since they are expensive— but they are quite effective. A catalog includes all the details about all your products and services, making it extremely easy for your potential customers to learn about your business.

Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead

It Helps You Target Your Audience

Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to target your audience, which can help you save time and money. It can be useful when you are trying to launch or introduce a new product and want a specific group of people to know about it. This way, you can increase brand awareness and also save time and money.

It Is Measurable

Unlike digital marketing[amsive_tooltip term=”digital-marketing”], direct mail helps you measure how many people are interested in your product. For example, if you are sending out flyers to your audience, you will know how many you have printed and how many are being used. This can help you keep an accurate measurement of how many people have come into knowledge about your product or service.

It Is Flexible

One of the biggest reasons why direct mail is still effective to this day is that it is flexible. Direct mail is adaptable and can be integrated with different digital marketing strategies. Besides that, since direct mail is tangible, it is easy to reach out to your audience. You can always include a free sample in your letter so the customers can learn more about your product.

It Is Memorable

Another reason why direct mail is still around is that, unlike various digital marketing strategies, direct mail is personal[amsive_tooltip term=”personalization”] and memorable. Since you come across hundreds of products on the internet every day, it is hard to remember each and everyone, but with direct mail, your audience will remember your product or service.

Direct mail is an effective marketing tool that has stood the test of time. Use this marketing strategy to increase your sales and grow your business today!

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