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PUBLISHED: Jun 20, 2020 3 min read

Integrated Marketing: Why You Should Add Direct Mail Into Your Strategy

Helping businesses create competitive advantages, boost sales, strengthen customer relationships, and allow brands to expand their reach.

If you haven’t explored adding direct mail marketing to your integrated marketing strategy, now is the right time to do so. 

Unexpected circumstances like the COVID-19 crisis can make it challenging for businesses to survive. With little to no foot traffic coming into stores, what ways can businesses use to reach their customers? Email marketing[amsive_tooltip term=”email-marketing”] seems to be a sound solution but research suggests that may not be as effective as we hoped it would be. 

A 2018 Campaign Monitor study revealed that an average office employee receives more than a hundred emails per day. If you’re reading this, it’s very likely that you do too. How do you deal with that amount of messages on a daily basis? You probably just skim through your inbox or delete messages you felt unimportant without even opening them. Don’t feel bad though because that’s exactly what most people do.

With that said, relying solely on email marketing may not be the best option right now. A smart choice is to invest in an integrated marketing approach including social media marketing, print, and direct mail marketing[amsive_tooltip term=”marketing-mix”]. 

Integrated marketing helps businesses create competitive advantages, boost sales, strengthen customer relationships, and allow brands to expand their reach. This allows businesses to reach most if not all of their customers instead of a small subset. 

Use digital channels to tap into your younger audience. There’s high traffic in social media sites right now and customers are going to regularly check your pages for business updates. As for business owners and older audiences, direct mail might be a much more preferred medium.

Either way, direct mail marketing is making a strong comeback these recent years even with the younger demographic. Studies have shown that the average human can absorb information better on something that’s tangible as compared to digital. We use less of our cognitive senses when the text is printed out as compared to reading off a screen.

Plus, direct mail is easy to personalize[amsive_tooltip term=”personalization”]. More customers are appreciating receiving physical mail from businesses simply because it has a more personal feel compared to its electronic counterpart. 

For greater effect, make sure you send something that your customers can actually use. Don’t send junk mails that wouldn’t provide them value or much-needed help. You want to position your brand on the positive side and make it easier for your audience to remember you in the future.

Stay relevant and keep customers engaged by sending coupons and incentives. Promotional items, seasonal gifts, and fun items are not just great marketing tactics but also help customers feel good about your brand.

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