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PUBLISHED: Dec 30, 2020 3 min read

Direct Mailing List Selection: A Quick Guide

Your mailing list can make or break your direct mail marketing campaign. An accurate mailing list is a goldmine for any sales and marketing department. Mailing lists provide you with valuable sales leads[amsive_tooltip term=”lead”], a focus group for testing new products, and a group you can survey for feedback about your offers.

Mailing lists can be purely physical addresses or email addresses. But today, it is ideal to include as much information on the mailing list as possible. It is useful to help you track the following:

  • Services/products are used or purchased by your customers
  • Consumer behavior and how they purchase
  • How often customers contact customer service

With high consumer trust in direct mail[amsive_tooltip term=”direct-mail”], businesses are starting to allocate more of their resources to designing and writing direct mail packages. Marketing experts are trying to find ways to personalize their campaigns, and paying keen attention to specific headlines, brand positioning, and imagery. 

But the question remains: who to mail to? 

Unfortunately, this is where most marketers fall short. The mailing list is often the last-minute decision given thought.

Mailing List: Who Should Receive Your Direct Mail and Who Shouldn’t?

There are thousands of direct mail lists to choose from whether you are targeting consumers or businesses. Today, marketers can have access to general lists (which are usually compiled from public records) to more refined lists that include consumer interest and purchase behavior (which can be used to build highly targeted campaigns). 

Select List Attributes and Test Segments

There are specific segments in your mailing lists that are more likely to respond than others. By selecting certain attributes, you can identify which one has a higher response rate and target those specific segments more effectively. Eliminate segments that don’t perform as well and reduce your overall cost.

Addition By Subtraction

When it comes to direct mail marketing, the goal always is to mail the right people. Whether you want to make a sale, generate leads[amsive_tooltip term=”lead-generation”] for follow-up, offer discounts, or any marketing objective, you want to avoid mailing to the wrong audience. 

Sending mail to the wrong people could be a disaster. Not only is this a waste of resources and marketing budget over an unresponsive and uninterested audience, but it’s also not a good look on your brand. You might leave the wrong impression of pestering people with mail, which sounds desperate.

Business Mailing Lists

When it comes to B2B marketing, finding the right person in the right business to send a mail to is what makes your campaign successful. You want to reach decision-makers or anything within the same authority. This makes your choice of business mailing list much more important.

Your business mailing list needs to be targeted enough so that your message gets sent to the right people.

These are some of the important tips you should keep in mind when choosing a direct mailing list. There are many ways to customize a direct mailing list to best suit your needs. 

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