2024 Report

The Future of Audience Solutions

For Privacy-First Marketing in the Post-Cookie Era

The identity shift is evolving fast. Our 2024 report helps you navigate emerging audience solutions and alternative methods. Shine a spotlight on your best prospects and customers while growing your highest-value audience with the right mix of cookie-free solutions.

Is your audience strategy stuck? You aren’t alone.

As the marketing landscape evolves past reliance on cookies and IDs for targeting, many marketers feel unprepared to effectively reach their audiences at scale. Over half of marketing executives rank this as their top concern, yet 41% say they are unfamiliar with alternative methods beyond third-party identifiers. Understand the unique opportunities and challenges of top audience solutions and their relationship to each other, including:

  • Cohort-based solutions enable precise targeting but may introduce bias
  • Universal IDs allow cross-site tracking yet require universal adoption
  • Seller-defined audiences leverage interest and demographic data but may overlook valuable customers

While working with these audience solutions, it is important to also understand the emerging role of data clean rooms used by marketers to help make smarter decisions. Data clean rooms can provide insights from these three solutions, securely aggregating data in a privacy-safe way to do further analysis and more precise measurement. Only some agencies currently use data clean rooms to their full potential.

No solution is one-size-fits-all. With careful navigation informed by your best customers and prospects, you can effectively adapt ahead of your competition. As cookies crumble, you can seize new opportunities to understand, develop, and improve connections with their best customers, unlocking greater value and unrivaled ROI. Learn how in our latest report.