Case Study #59

Urgent Care

New Urgent Care Provider Uses Omnichannel Approach To 12K+ New Patient Visits at Lower Cost and Higher ROI

The Challenge

A new urgent care provider focused on in-demand, in-home services needed to penetrate the market with an unknown brand, targeting new patients in multiple cities throughout the U.S. With limited budgets they needed to be precise with marketing dollars. This required world-class targeting and a multichannel approach with detailed analytics to see what performed and what didn’t and fully capture the return on marketing investment (ROMI).


We helped the urgent care provider:


Total new patient visits


Digital ROMI visit +savings


Direct Mail ROMI visit + savings

The Solution

We employed a multichannel approach that consisted of digital and direct mail to deliver more new customers than single-channel approaches at a lower cost. While both channels delivered new patients, the digital produced a higher ROMI due to the lower costs associated with execution while direct mail delivered more new patients.

What did we do

We started by understanding and defining the key desired business outcomes:

  •   Create and build awareness of new in-home urgent care provider
  •   Advertise at a lower cost  with greater reach than direct mail alone
  •   Generate in-home visits

How did we do it

We effectively promoted the new service and generated new patient visits with these five essential steps:

  •   Pursued a digital approach at an average cost of $10 CPM versus targeted direct mail at an average cost of $600 CPM in order to deliver the needed growth.
  •   Built a highly targeted customer acquisition model for national scale and used that model to send direct mail.
  •   Loaded millions of prospects into our digital exchange and identified prospect intent with triggers.
  •   Marketed to prospects showing intent and pushed to specific geography.
  •   Identified the overlap in our channels from direct mail, Facebook, Instagram, and display, for feedback into the ongoing marketing campaigns for future optimization.

Services provided 


  • Insights                   
  • Audience                  
  • Channel           

Data & Analytics

  • Custom Model
  • Analytics
  • Measurement & Reporting


  • Direct Mail
  • Social
  • Display & Digital Media