Amplify your response rate for direct mail

Direct mail is a very powerful performance marketing tool for schools and higher ed institutions, to acquire new students and maintain alumni loyalty


Why Amsive?

With direct mail, we help you reach the targeted audience you need. But more importantly, we help you effectively amplify cross-channel campaigns to tell a larger, more personalized part of your organization’s story.

We’ll use consumer insights to help you carve out your niche within higher education, so your institution stands out among the thousands that prospective students have to choose from.  Then we help you to connect with millions of potential students and with everyone on your alumni list.

Direct Mail for Education

We Amplify Marketing Results in Education

Whether your institution is for-profit, non-profit, public, or private, you can tap into an education direct mail campaign to reach thousands of prospective students as well as alumni for maximum impact and impressive response. Raise more money for the endowment fund, draw more students to admissions events, or grow your audience for the next public lecture, art exhibit or performance—whatever your goal, we can help you reach it.


Reach prospective new students

When your acquisition period is in high gear, that’s the time to launch a direct mail campaign that shows families what your campus is all about.


Build alumni loyalty

Your alumni base is a powerful group for fundraising, public relations and legacy-building. Keep them engaged by utilizing the power of education direct mail.


Engage your donor base

Donors may have deep pockets, but they aren’t always plugged in to your current needs. With a fundraising campaign mailer, you can inform them.

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How We Work

A road map to effective direct mail.

Audience Strategies

Chances are you have some data on your customers already. Combined with Amsive’s database platform of 250 million consumers, 400+ sources of online intent with over 70,000 data points, and credit bureau processing agency, you will understand, and reach, your best customer as an individual.

Omnichannel Strategies

Our staff are experts at determining the best ways to reach your best customers wherever they are: email, search, social media, digital media, OTT, or their mailbox. We build a unified view of the target customer’s channel preferences through data analysis, so we know how to engage and convert your best customers and your next customers.

Creative Strategies

We learn what matters from the data and create authentic campaigns and messaging that speaks to each reader or viewer as an individual. Our expert team of creatives help you connect uniquely to your audience’s needs across every channel, helping you amplify engagement.

Measured Results

Amsive’s granular analysis of your campaign will show you what consumers did on their purchasing journey, how each channel and device contributed, who converted to become your customer, and what the financial impact of your investment was. As new data come in, we continually reassess your campaigns to optimize future campaigns and amplify results.