How We Work

Leveraging data to advance customer acquisition and engagement

Driving business outcomes with data, insights, and industry expertise

Today, consumers signal their individuality in all kinds of ways. To get real results, marketers must listen to those signals and act on them.  At Amsive, we give you the tools to know more and the services to do more.



Know who your customers are

Understand everything about your best customer so you can find your next customer, as an individual, not a market. We have robust in-house data and data science, augmented by a team with the experience and tools to identify your best audience.



Know where to find them

Engage your best customers and your next customers across channels in the places and spaces where they are. We have the expertise and services to find and engage your audience via digital channels, email and direct mail.



Know how to connect with them

Learn what matters from the data. Speak to each person and amplify your message with creative that connects uniquely to their individual needs across every channel.



Know the truth

Measure every interaction to prove what worked and what didn’t, continually optimizing every aspect of your campaign at a granular level.