PUBLISHED: Apr 30, 2021 3 min read

Google’s Performance Max — Everything We Know So Far

Aurora Estrada

Aurora Estrada

Director, Digital Media

One streamlined, single-goal paid search run so you can just set it and forget it — it sounds excellent from a logistical perspective. But how well will it impact ROI?  

Google’s Performance Max for ad campaigns uses new AI automation for cross-channel optimization delivered at lightning speed. Currently being finalized and in limited testing, Performance Max will soon become widely available and ready for your team to use. Its goal is to save you time by auto-optimizing your paid media strategy for you. 

Performance Max could take the pain out of paid media scheduling.

Within Google’s Insights page, all advertisers will soon be able to create one Google campaign to compliment search that uses AI automation to buy Google ads across all inventories in an entirely new way — based on marketing objectives. These fully automated campaigns will drive results across all Google inventories, including display networks, YouTube, Gmail, Discover, and standard Search campaigns.

Performance Max offers several unique benefits when it comes to ad planning, as it can:

  • Upload first-party data  
  • Define conversion goals at set-up  
  • Optimize across channels with machine learning  
  • Choose specific marketing objectives for your business goals    
  • Increase reach by complimenting keyword-based search campaigns  
  • Receive new reporting on your Google Insights page to know what combination of audiences and creative are performing best    

All it requires is the input of ad creative (copy, images, and video assets) to begin an automated Smart Bidding process that serves responsive ads across channels based on your advertising goals. Google says there are plans to make some manual inputs available in the future. 

Performance Max’s target industries

Designed with the goal of making paid media accessible to even the smallest business owners, digital marketers with expertise in media optimization and analytics may find Performance Max lacking. While the tool is a great resource for quickly starting a business’s advertising journey, it doesn’t yet seem like the best fit for all industries or levels of expertise. 

At least at first, Performance Max will be beneficial to some verticals more than others. Currently, it’s currently being tested specifically for app marketers, retailers, and brick-and-mortar businesses. These verticals will have access to the higher levels of insight when using the tool.   

 Performance Max’s role in developed marketing plans  

At Amsive Digital, we’re optimistic about the changes that Performance Max can bring. But as critical thinkers, we’ve got questions. We know that nothing should be taken at face value, and we’re looking forward to being one of the first to dive into this new offering through our premier Google partnership.   
As Google rolls out this tool over the coming quarters, we’ll be conducting thorough A/B testing to see if Performance Max can replace—or at least supplement—team-built strategy. One variable we will investigate is lead quality. Could this tool identify the subtle differences between just any lead and a high-quality lead that will convert?   

We’ll find out soon enough — and report back.   

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