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PUBLISHED: May 13, 2021 2 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing for Google News, Top Stories, and Discover

Lily Ray

Lily Ray

Vice President, SEO Strategy & Research

Success in search marketing stems from staying nimble. With tons of brand vying for a top spot in search results, optimizing sites for new Google features instead helps brands maintain a competitive advantage.

To that end, Amsive Digital SEO superstar (and Senior Director), Lily Ray, has penned a valuable guide to help you optimize for the unique ranking guidelines and reporting capabilities of three important features — Google News, Top Stories, and Discover. Find it here at Search Engine Journal.

Read the article above, and get an overview of these increasingly important features below.

Google News
Available on your browser and a mobile app, Google News is a growing news aggregator. Successful content is differentiated by providing original reporting or offering a unique angle not found on other sites. And timeliness is everything — especially if it’s breaking news that’s happening in the moment.

Top Stories
Google’s Top Stories is a goldmine of organic traffic for news publishers. The article’s headline is crucial to gaining a spot in the carousel as its considered the primary title of the page. Optimizing site content can efficiently grow brand awareness and traffic for news sites.

Google Discover
Launched in 2018, Discover is only available as a mobile app. Mobile users can catch up on local news, see the stats from last night’s game, or discover a new restaurant on Google — without a single click. Discover recommends personally curated content to users based on their activity across all Google products. This includes data like location history, location settings, and topics users follow. And top-performing Discover content is very different from typical organic search content — that can be good for your business.

Learn in-depth optimization insights for these three Google features in the linked guide — or, reach out to discuss your individual strategy for SEO optimization. With a depth of industry expertise, our team is adept at helping businesses utilize search to its full potential.