Connect with Millions, One at a Time

Direct mail, informed by data intelligence, is still a very powerful performance marketing tool to acquire new customers and drive additional revenue from existing ones.


Direct Mail Makes a Tangible Connection

Capture the Hard-to-Reach Audience

You can reach an audience that is not found on digital platforms with direct mail. But more importantly, you can effectively amplify cross-channel campaigns to tell a larger, more personalized part of your story. We’ll identify the consumer insights to help you carve out your niche within your industry, making you untouchable by competitors.

We provide complete direct mail services to connect with millions of consumers–including design, personalized messaging, printing and mailing services–all backed by the power of our vertical market know-how and our data intelligence.

How we work

A Roadmap to Performance

  1. Audience Identification and Intelligence: It all starts with data. With over 2,700 variables in our data warehouse on nearly every adult in the U.S., we use intelligent predictive modeling with our DMP and credit bureau relationships to leverage what you know about your existing customers and to identify new ones. We paint a 360º view of your ideal customer, then apply statistical modeling and analytics to data points to help you discover quality, not just quantity, targets.
  2. Creative: Data drives our strategy and inspires the creative strategy to lift response. We tap into the audience insights to tailor your story in a compelling, personalized manner that truly resonates.
  3. Production: Millions of pieces a day power through our printers at any of our three redundant production facilities across the nation. We print variable data in high-speed color with smart inserting technology to make every piece a true one-to-one communication. And our long-standing relationship and experiences with the USPS means we garner postal savings for you and get your communications seamlessly into the mail stream.

We Know How To Reach Your Target Audience

We have an abundance of consumer data to tap into. We look at the characteristics, buying patterns and behaviors that make up your ideal consumers and use this data to identify your audience or even an expanded audience based on “look-alike” characteristics and propensity modeling. Then we reach directly into the mailbox of your targeted group who are more likely to respond.