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Direct mail, informed by data intelligence, is a very powerful performance marketing tool to acquire new customers and drive revenue from existing ones.


Amplify Campaign ROI with Direct Mail

It’s every marketer’s dream to be able to have a one-on-one conversation with your very best current and potential customers. To meet with them over a cup of coffee, look them in the eye and have a chance to tell them your story. To make it personal. In this respect direct mail delivers.

Over the years, direct mail has evolved into a highly refined, data-driven tool—and even in the digital age,  evidence supports the effectiveness of direct mail consumers are responding to direct mail again, so now is the time to use its power for amplifying loyalty, engagement and—most importantly—return on investment.

Using direct mail as a vehicle puts your brand’s message directly into their hands. Into their minds. Into their decision making.

It doesn’t get much more direct than that.

Strategy and Audience Development

The best campaign starts with data.

Using the best data sources, we find your perfect target matches so you get the best response possible from your direct mail campaign. Analyzing more than 2,700 variables from the best data sources, we employ intelligent predictive modeling algorithms to leverage what we know about your existing customers to identify new ones.

Thoughtful Planning

We begin with the end in mind by making sure we understand what success looks like and how we will measure it. Once we are clear on the goals of your campaign, we get to work by developing a project plan outlining timelines and schedules while assigning roles and responsibilities

Competitive Analysis

How are your competitors using direct mail these days? Let us help you find out. Our data-driven competitive analysis process examines the direct mail products of your industry’s biggest players—not just overall, but in the most recent time periods—so you can be on trend and gain the marketing edge.

Audience Identification

With over 2,700 variables in our data warehouse on nearly every adult in the U.S., we use intelligent predictive modeling utilizing the worlds largest DMP, credit bureau relationships and niche data sets to paint a 360º view of your ideal customer, and then apply statistical modeling and analytics to data points to help you discover quality—not just quantity—targets.

Creative and Messaging

Creative that sets you apart from the competition.

Now that we’ve identified your target audience, we need to connect with a message that resonates. By tapping into audience insights, our gifted story crafters tailor your brand’s story to your audience – to say what you need to say the way they need to hear it.

Message Development

Get a creative edge on your competitors. Deliver a message that compels action and exceeds your competitor’s messages. We do the research to find out what resonates with your audience. What compels them to act, what challenges they face and how your brand can offer the best solution. By focusing in on these things we craft your message to deliver the greatest impact.

Creative Development

Little things make a difference. Having the expertise of designers and writers who specialize in direct response marketing ensures your marketing mailer will inspire consumer behavior in a way that is both subtle and powerful. Our creative services include photos that capture attention and layouts that flow naturally that are conducive to both the brand and the message.

A/B Testing

It’s all about data these days and creative is no exception at Amsive. To ensure that our best message is getting the best response we take a challenger vs. winner approach. We run two unique creative concepts and monitor performance then roll out the winner. It’s as simple as that. Winning in creative is our mission for your brand.


Where art and science come to life.

Our world-class production facilities produce millions of unique and personalized pieces every day By doing it all in-house, we maintain optimal quality control while creating direct mail campaigns that are truly one-of-a-kind and one-to-one. No handoffs mean no fumbles.

Data Management

You are assured your data is accurate, safe and secure with Amsive. We manage all aspects of the management in-house including, NCOA, merge purge routines, and CASS certification. We are HIPPA compliant, PCI certified, and can provide a SOC II Type 2 report. We undergo annual onsite security reviews to service our financial industries and federal government contracts.

Print and Lettershop

Print production starts with your account coordinator and ends with printing professionals who turn technology print tools into high-impact direct marketing. We have state-of-the-art equipment from offset, digital, bindery, and lettershop in 4 production facilities throughout the US. And because of our size, we have access to raw materials like paper and ink to meet any deadline.

Mailing and Fulfillment

With printing complete it’s time for logistics. From folding and assembly to inserting, packaging, sorting, and mailing we have expert technicians at every step of the process. And we are a USPS accepted SEAMLESS mailer. This acceptance means postal savings and electronic verification moving your direct mail faster so in the end your sales start sooner.

Reporting and Measurement

Understanding the impact to your bottom line.

At the end of your direct mail marketing campaign, we report the results of your campaign and re-tool efforts accordingly. This protects your investment and helps you more capably allocate your marketing budgets. Reporting and analysis is an essential piece of all modern marketing campaigns providing our customers transparency into campaign performance and ROI.


What happened during the campaign? We track relevant activities on the customer’s journey during their path to purchase. Which creative performed the best, which list, what call to action. Tracking key metrics in your direct mail campaign help you identify what’s working and what’s not.

Mail Tracking

Right. On. Time. That’s why we developed a mail tracking system called MultiTrac® to track direct mail campaigns and have spent 15 years refining making it a precision tool. It not only knows where every piece of mail is, but when it will arrive.That lets us coordinate omnichannel messaging which includes your direct mail campaign.


Do the math and then some. Measuring reach, results, efficacy and impact does more than simply reveal the ROI. We gather all the reporting of tracking activity and analyze it to create detailed and customized reports that empower you with valuable information. This helps improve things such as offers, time to market, campaign design as well as CTA’s and audience targeting.

We Know How to Reach Your Ideal Customer

Find out how Amsive’s omnichannel, data-driven approach to perfecting the fundamentals of marketing can help you amplify results.