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We bring insights-powered marketing to Urgent Care


Grow urgent care facility revenue

Do you have executive responsibility for growth and return on investment in a diverse, multi-location urgent care organization?

We help Urgent Care operators drive measurable visit revenue and we’ve been doing it for over seven years. Essentially, we change the way you acquire new patients, grow your existing patient relationships, and drive brand loyalty by leveraging data and insights to create meaningful connections throughout your market.

We understand the unique and complex challenges of healthcare marketing, and more specifically, urgent care. And we have proven experience changing the dynamics of your marketing impact—whether your business is independently owned, financially driven by private equity, or serves the need to provide greater access to your healthcare system’s consumer market footprint.

Solutions Across the Patient Journey

Assessing opportunity and driving growth

The first essential step is understanding your market and its full potential. We start with a deep market analysis, clinic by clinic. We define your available prospects based on a model of your current patients and score them to determine how and where to best allocate marketing resources. We don’t just work with any data—we house one of the most robust multi-sourced national consumer databases in the country and enhance it with specific healthcare variables.

Our process includes strategies to impact the entire patient journey.

New Patient Acquisition

  • Identify high-value households in your market area
  • Consciously build the brand with key consumers so when they need you, they know you
  • No more pray or spray or simple lookalike models; it’s about reaching new audiences in real-time

Retention & Engagement

  • Orchestrate a personalized experience that keeps you relevant and leads to heighten brand loyalty and advocacy
  • Employ consumer insights to create a thoughtful, personalized assortment of offers aligned to any shifts in patient attitudes
  • Use triggers, AI, and behavioral signals to give patients the solutions they need to help them wherever they are in their journey


  • Identify lapsed patients and re-engage them back into the visit funnel
  • Respond quickly to changing consumer attitudes and deliver proactive messaging before they defect

How We Work

How we drive business impact

Attract and grow profitable patient relationships. Quickly and effectively deliver relevant, personalized marketing to precisely the right audience, with the right message in the channels they prefer. Optimize campaign performance with a test-learn-improve process at every step. And ultimately deliver clear, measurable business results. This is how we do it:

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“In an increasingly competitive space, the Urgent Care Brand that uses data and insights to drive marketing will emerge the winner.”