Consumer Finance

Driving Loan Growth Amidst Change and Choice


Smart, sustainable loan growth with data-centric marketing

Today’s consumers have unique and rapidly changing financial needs. While opportunities to grow your loan acquisition program abound, so does consumer choice. New market entrants including major retailers, peer-to-peer lenders, and pure digital players are rapidly expanding in this space.

Consumers’ lives and financial situations are rapidly changing. Acquire consumer lending relationships and grow your loan portfolio by leveraging the latest offline and online consumer data along with credit bureau information to drive profitable, sustainable loan growth.

At Amsive we create value and growth for consumer finance organizations with data-centric marketing. With our extensive experience and track record, we don’t just acquire new customers. We create smart, sustainable loan growth by reaching your best audience while also managing the risks of delinquency and avoiding charge-offs.


Solutions Across the Customer Journey

Reaching the right consumers with the right message

Our approach takes data modeling and segmentation to an entirely new level. We start with rich consumer insights and pair them with daily credit bureau data. Then we connect behavior-based signals with offers to deliver at the right time, with the right message, through the most cost-efficient channel.

Account Acquisition

  • Deliver material loan growth with the right targeting, channels and creative
  • Acquire consumer loans that align with the credit quality of your portfolio goals


  • Demonstrate that you know and care about new account holders
  • Orchestrate a personalized experience that leads to ensuring payments, engagement and referrals

Retention & Engagement 

  • Identify customers that qualify for additional funds or a lower payment and proactively reach them before they go elsewhere
  • Respond quickly to changing account holder payment trends and send proactive messaging before a potential default

How We Work

Driving Business Impact

Attract and grow profitable, risk tolerable relationships with the right consumers. Deliver relevant, personalized marketing to precisely the right consumers, with the right message and activation mechanisms in the channels they prefer. Optimize campaign performance with a test-learn-improve approach.

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