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We bring data fluency and unique insights to financial marketing


Personal is powerful

There is nothing standard about a primary financial relationship. Consumers have diverse, unique, and evolving needs. Today, many maintain several deposit and loan accounts across multiple institutions. You can’t count on achieving Primary Financial Institution status simply by acquiring or maintaining a consumer’s checking account.

Consumers want to be known, understood, and engaged with true connection. This requires an orchestrated personalized experience thoughtfully delivered across channels.

We help financial institutions win today’s consumers by taking personalization to an entirely new level. We start with deep, intelligent consumer insights, connect behavior-based signals to offers and deliver a personalized experience at the right time with the right message.

Solutions Across the Customer Journey

Measureable connections matter

Consumers are in constant motion. Lives change and financial needs shift. We can change the way you acquire consumer households and grow your relationships by leveraging data and insights to drive meaningful, measurable connection across the entire consumer journey.

Account Acquisition

    • Deliver material household growth
    • Acquire consumers that align with the quality and value of your target market
    • Grow lending and deposit products—we support the full range of financial products


    • Demonstrate that you know and care about new account holders
    • Orchestrate a personalized experience that leads to primary financial institution status and makes them open to new offers
    • Consistently deliver personalized information and solutions to improve the customer experience and create stickiness in the relationship


    • It’s essential to move past ineffective, spray and pray methods of the past
    • Employ consumer insights to create a thoughtful, personalized assortment of offers aligned to account holders as needs change
    • Stay relevant at every stage of the customer journey
    • Use triggers, AI and behavioral signals to give account holders the solutions they need to help them wherever they are in their journey

Retention / Engagement

    • Respond quickly to changing account holder attitudes and deliver proactive messaging before they defect
    • Message on core services like mobile banking
    • Educate on unused services like remote deposit or sticky features like online bill pay to lower risk of churn
    • Share purpose-based messaging like community or philanthropic involvement

How We Work

Attract and grow profitable customer relationships

Quickly and effectively deliver relevant, personalized marketing to precisely the right audience with the right message in the channels they prefer. Optimize campaign performance with a test-learn-improve process at every step. And ultimately deliver clear, measurable business results. This is how we do it:

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“Future-forward financial institutions are re-evaluating their traditional channel and branch strategies and are shifting budget dollars into digital experiences and data-centric marketing.”