Connecting data, insights and expertise


Retail marketing powered by insights

Retail has seen more change in the last year than in the last ten years combined. Consumers have been forced to adapt or change how they purchase and consume products and services, creating the retail marketer’s newest challenge: data-centric marketing. But monetizing customer or prospect data the same old way is table stakes.

Consumers expect brands to listen and align with what they want and need when they need it. This requires an orchestrated personalized experience thoughtfully delivered across channels.

We help retailers win today’s consumers by taking personalization to an entirely new level. It starts with deep, intelligent consumer insights, connects behavior-based signals of intent, and delivers a personalized experience at the right time with the right message. All marketers are using data to some degree, but our ability to understand intent and manage the data connection across channels sets our programs apart.


Solutions Across the Customer Journey

Personalized connections matter

While special offers and promotions are effective, one-to-one engagement can create personalized relationships with your brand. We can change the way you acquire new customers and grow your existing customer relationships by leveraging data and insights to drive meaningful, measurable connections across the entire consumer journey.

We don’t just work with any data—we house one of the most robust multi-sourced national consumer databases in the country. Coupled with your in-house data we can create the most modern strategy for gaining new customers or engaging your current base. While we work with our clients from strategy through execution to reporting and insights, we’re happy to assist with executing your vision and programs seamlessly.

New Customer Acquisition

  • Access new growth market opportunities and strategies to win or steal share
  • Identify and drive key or high-value segments that align with business objectives
  • Consciously brand to key targets, so when they are ready you’ve already gotten their attention
  • No more pray or spray or even just look-alike models; it’s about reaching new audiences in real time


  • Stay relevant at every stage of the customer journey
  • Orchestrate a personalized experience that leads to heightened brand loyalty and advocacy
  • Employ consumer insights to create a thoughtful, personalized assortment of offers aligned to any shifts in consumer buying
  • Use triggers, AI and behavioral signals to give account holders the solutions they need to help them wherever they are in their journey
  • Pinpoint the next relevant product or service to expand the relationship to your brand


  • Identify at-risk customers and move them back into the customer funnel
  • Respond quickly to changing consumer attitudes and deliver proactive messaging before they defect

How We Do It

Attract and grow profitable customer relationships

Quickly and effectively deliver relevant, personalized marketing to precisely the right audience with the right message in the channels they prefer. Optimize campaign performance with a test-learn-improve process at every step. And ultimately deliver clear, measurable business results. This is how we do it:

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