PUBLISHED: Oct 8, 2010 6 min read

What Makes Good Content?

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

AmsiveDigital TV Episode 20

The web is full of content in many different forms, including this video, but what makes content good?  Join guest Larry Sharpe as we discuss this topic.   Watch one of his previous episodes “Don’t Give Out Your Business Cards!“.

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Duration of Video:  5 min 35 sec.

Ruben Quinones: Hey! Welcome back I am your host Ruben Quinones of AmsiveDigital TV. My guest Larry Sharpe, did you say something.

Larry Sharpe:  I showed up this but I meant this. I meant this.

Ruben Quinones: Three, two, one start again. Today want to talk about. Larry Sharpe I introduced you before that your are the Sage.

Larry Sharpe: I am the Neo Sage. Neo wise man absolutely yes.

Ruben Quinones: If you haven’t seen episode before I post a link to other episode which was on not giving your business cards and market yourself. Typically, you know I cast for all my marketing but I think this can be reflected online but it can be speaking to people or networking which is your content. You have mentioned to me and you correct me if I am wrong you had mentioned that your content should be as a controversial committed. I said education but you said no not education why not?

Larry Sharpe: Education is bad idea.

Ruben Quinones:  But that is big online. Lot of people educates.

Larry Sharpe: Which is why it is bad? Education is terrible. Nobody wants to meet your data. Data is boring and it comes out there I mean you Google and get whatever you can get. Boring, boring, boring bad idea. Don’t think I am ——–.

Ruben Quinones: Before we get to that let me argue on that point.

Larry Sharpe: Please go ahead! Don’t get embarrassed ok.

Ruben Quinones:  Go to controversial no one embarrassed me in AmsiveDigital TV. I own this. Controversy committed but I can edit this you know it is ready.

Larry Sharpe: If this guy is choppy that means he ended now and I owned him.

Ruben Quinones: Controversy full of controversial because that does bring attention whether it is owned swoopy or online.

Larry Sharpe: The educational piece does go for all of them. You can educate that’s ok but if you educate or even if you don’t educate. If you have to educate and going to entertain feel ask that input. The first one is if you do come up with these two at least and the another one is controversial. If you are going to say things like hey this is what everybody else says the same old thing that we educate nobody cares. Be controversial now being controversial is again tough because if you controversial you will lose some of your audience that will happen you have thousand listeners or viewers you may lose couple of them because they will not take your stance. However, those that you keep are actual loyal because they are following that controversy right. You are going to say that you know Blue is the best color of the world everyone says Green is the best color of the world no Blue is the best color of the world. The Green lovers are not going to agree you. They are going to ——, they are going to write nasty emails but the Blue lovers will save you forever. So you will get a small appropriate dedicated group.

Ruben Quinones: Right.

Larry Sharpe: Now so do you think it is controversy but that’s not the thing. They will be funny fun is great. Educate people in a funny way and don’t hesitate just do silly things, people will still watch they pay attention it’s funny they can laugh. If you are not funny don’t do it. I don’t know funny do you know you are funny, if you are I am not sure you are not funny. So don’t do funny, I don’t do funny. Right I do controversy that is my safe side. The last one is either inside information of realistic something other people can’t see or don’t know TMZ type right. Nobody knows as that the

Ruben Quinones: Exclusive concept.

Larry Sharpe: Exclusive or realistic and if those three makes people come. If you can do all three don’t mind they will come back again, again and again.

Ruben Quinones: So we are not going to have fun here because not that you are—— because you are saying you could make ———- education other elements.

Larry Sharpe:   There are so many people when I started Blog, they started conversation or do events however they started they confidentially say we are here to give information and the way shows up.

Ruben Quinones: Right. By the way did you see that?

Larry Sharpe: That was pretty good.

Ruben Quinones: Someone not wanted to be in camera and decided to scroll there. I am going to Photoshop him in there he is there he goes.

Larry Sharpe:  That is my self defend.

Ruben Quinones: So I want to go to fight because I can’t have agree because I am actually going to speak invalidates. I am going to say I need face book to be engaged being entertaining and education but it is going to be a right mix; you can just be strictly entertaining without incorporating the other element. But you say funny education you have to be controversial community or exclusive

Larry Sharpe: That’s right. However I do people watch it. Here is the piece make it people watch it once may be they are looking for that gather for one time. If you ———— whatever you have been looking they may check it once but not coming back. They are only coming back if it is a funny entertation, controversial education or if it is going to be inside information of —— education then they will come back.

Ruben Quinones: So do you want inside information look at his site which is what?

Larry Sharpe: neo-sage.

Ruben Quinones: Right down here.

Larry Sharpe:

Ruben Quinones: Thanks a lot Larry have a Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening whenever you are watching this will see you soon take care.