PUBLISHED: Oct 1, 2010 4 min read

What is Google TV?

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

AmsiveDigital TV Episode 19

Join my guest Ramon B Nuez Jr as we discuss what Google TV is.  Debuting earlier this year, this is yet another product that Google and Apple seem to be entering in with force.  Watch as we discuss the differences between the two.

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Ruben Quinones: Welcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV. I am your host Ruben Quinones and I got previous guest on again Roman B Nuez Jr. I get high troubled introducing you you are doing so much. You are talking about post, owner and blogger update on tags, promoting yourself as a junior. You may brief.  Ok I will put it that at the end.

Roman B Nuez Jr: Ok I will talk few minutes.

Ruben Quinones:Wanted to talk about Google TV internet. What is Google TV? What is the idea behind it? I know that it hasn’t already hit the mass market but it’s my view it has a video. What is Google TV?

Roman B Nuez Jr: So nobody knows about Google TV yet.

Ruben Quinones:So why do we talk about then?

Roman B Nuez Jr:Because we have not yet started.

Ruben Quinones: No no no.

Roman B Nuez Jr: But you know it is a very interesting platform because for very long time Apple TV is being on the market I guess down in the market I guess I want to say, so we have other IP TVs solutions in industry. We have a Virtual Box, we have a Apple TV, the —–which is an IP TV as well the videos

Ruben Quinones: So break it down for me so it is supposed to is a box you attach to the TV or going to come up with TV.

Roman B Nuez Jr: So it’s two thing right. There are two phases of Google TV one there is a set up box which will connect to your cable box and the other one may be actually built in to a TV one of this is built in for Sony TV. So if that’s the case then take this you know Google TV software and plugin to your TV. So you are given access to online videos, you can get access advertisements online and get access to work on concepts, you can access internet too.

Ruben Quinones: I have little heard about this it is going to take shows like AmsiveDigital TV. Might be and it is going to search not only your favorite channels from the existing channels on TV but also I mean obviously from you tube as well.

Roman B Nuez Jr: You can access you tube yeah.

Ruben Quinones: So just an amazing concept for me that you can pretty much watch anything you want and doesn’t want to be a traditional TV channel.

Roman B Nuez Jr: It should be all acceptable so that the box should be volatile inexpensive and not free.

Ruben Quinones:  Right.

Roman B Nuez Jr: Obviously TV will not be free because if it comes to Sony or other company that Google took as well.

Ruben Quinones: So quick how is it different from Apple TV?

Roman B Nuez Jr: Well Apple TV is pretty much a closing boundary.

Ruben Quinones: ——– you just tell us about that.

Roman B Nuez Jr: Google Apple TV is a kind of closed system so it is a synod so it is a —- we call in history. So Apple TV will only allow you to see what Apple want you to see.

Ruben Quinones: —————.

Roman B Nuez Jr: So it will give you access to videos from I-tunes or from your I-tunes library and they were used to get your videos on Apple TV but they are a kind of

Ruben Quinones:  Checkout the Apple TV episode to find out more about the Apple TV that’s all up now.

Roman B Nuez Jr: You got it

Ruben Quinones:  Where do we get you?

Roman B Nuez Jr: Roman B Nuez Jr. on twitter

Ruben Quinones:  On which website?

Roman B Nuez Jr: Twitter.

Ruben Quinones:  Because I know you have too many websites.

Roman B Nuez Jr: Roman B Nuez Jr. twitter best place to contact me.

Ruben Quinones:  Thank you for tuning in have a Good Morning, Good Afternoon , Good Evening whenever you are watching this. See you next time take care.

Ramon is a contributing writer to the Huffington Post, creator and editor of dadsontech, and co creator of New Media brief.