PUBLISHED: Jun 13, 2017 3 min read

Using Adwords Call-Only Ads and Campaigns to Target New Audiences and Languages

Aurora Estrada

Aurora Estrada

Director, Digital Media

Targeting a new audience can get costly; it’s not just a matter of setting up new campaigns, but also investing in a user-friendly landing page to test overall performance and capture leads. Call-only campaigns are a great way to make this process easier and get results faster, and can be a great way to target and test new audiences who use a different language before you invest in a site translation.

What are Call-Only Campaigns?

Google introduced call-only campaigns in February of 2015. Built for businesses that value phone calls more than clicks, call-only campaigns appear only on mobile devices that can make phone calls. This upgrade from call extensions allows businesses to align bidding strategies based specifically on CPA or ROAS goals for calls, maximizing the value of an advertising budget and driving the calls that truly matter.

The launch of this campaign type came at a great time, because an increasing amount of users prefer to search using mobile devices as opposed to using desktops; in fact, nearly 4 out of every 10 users only search on their smartphones in an average day.

Use Call-Only Campaigns to Target New Languages

Call-only campaigns serve as a great way to reach new audiences, especially when the audience speaks a different language. They allow companies to prospect new users without requiring an entire site translation.

Here’s why:

  • Call-only campaigns only require a landing page for phone verification
  • The ad headers are mobile click-to-call, meaning that when users click on the ad it immediately starts the call instead of leading them to a site that they would then need to navigate to the contact info
  • Ads can be created in different languages than the verification URL without the ad being disapproved
  • These campaigns still have all the targeting features and options as regular campaigns

Based on the results of these campaigns, companies can make educated decisions on whether or not to invest in an entire brand-new site for the new target market.

Call-Only Campaign Best Practices

A few things to keep in mind to ensure overall success of call-only campaigns, especially if you’re testing new language targeting:

  • Set up a phone line specifically for the new audience to ensure that callers are greeted in their language, which will enhance user experience and increase the chances of capturing leads
  • Make sure there is staff that speaks the language available to take incoming calls
  • Make sure you use a mobile-friendly call to action

So, call-only campaigns allow companies to test messaging to different audiences in different languages/regions without having to invest in a brand-new site or landing page and can serve as a first step in expanding a company’s reach to new markets/audiences.

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