PUBLISHED: Jan 15, 2013 4 min read

Twitter and the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

golden globes twitterWith approximately 90,000 mentions on Twitter, the award for the most mentioned movie on Twitter goes to….


This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the movie took home a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture in the Drama category. However, it is still interesting to see how people were using social media during the Golden Globe Awards Show this past Sunday.

The Golden Globes Captured Through Twitter

Through the use of social media, event coverage is shifting from the press covering celebrities to celebrities covering themselves. This year’s Golden Globes were a prime example of this. Celeb’s Twitter pages were blowing up the site’s news feed with comments and updates from those who were in attendance. Twitter itself had enlisted actors and directors to live tweet from the awards ceremony and to share pictures and  backstage happenings from the show, which was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Even celebs who weren’t in attendance were still asked to tweet their thoughts on the ceremony. Twitter created the official hash-tags #goldenglobes and #globeparty to link to the night’s trending topics. Twitter even had a special hub for the “ Official Live Tweeting Cast” which included the likes of Sofia Vergara (@sophiavergara), Omar Epps (@omarepps), Hayden Panettier (@haydenpanettier) and David Spade (@davidspade).






The shift from traditional media to social media when it comes to covering news is increasingly becoming more and more prevalent. Social media is an environment that encourages those to be more interactive, engaging and more user friendly. When the audience is able to participate in the news, they are more likely to get involved. Twitter can been seen as anything from a narcissistic tool to a promotional platform but Twitter is now being viewed as more than just a toy and instead a reputable medium for news dissemination.

golden globes tweet

Twitter “works best in situations where the story is changing so fast that the mainstream media can’t assemble all the facts at once,” says Craig Stoltz, a new-media consultant and writer of tech blog Web2.oh…Really? A big misconception is that the use of this social media tool is primarily used by young people, not so. According to Neilson online, people between the ages of 35-49 were the largest demographic of “tweeters”, accounting for almost 42% of the Twitter community. In addition, users over the age of 55 exceed the number of users age 25 to 34.

Live Tweeting From On and Off the Red Carpet

To tweet, all celebrities and viewers used the official hash-tags #globesparty and #goldenglobes to contribute to the feed of the tending topic. It was a great way to see people’s opinions on the style and fashion choices worn to the awards. Maria Menounos shared that she actually wore her dress backwards, while E Online commented on Zooey Deschanel’s film strip nails.

golden globes socia-media



golden globes 2013 twitter






Even organizations like PETA were tweeting live, applauding the Golden Globes for having a fur-free red carpet and two winners that were vegan.

golden globes tweets

How many tweets used the #goldenglobes hash-tag on Sunday? Approximately 80,000.


Most astonishing was the amount of love Jennifer Lawrence received on Twitter, with 200k mentions just on Sunday alone.








Bill Clinton was also up there with about 59k mentions on Sunday.


It’s apparent that Twitter plays a large role in events such as the Golden Globes, and soon the Oscars and the Superbowl as well. Twitter is a versatile tool and can be especially useful when gauging an audience’s sentiment on a nationwide event. It can also be a news worthy source as we learned from the extensive Twitter coverage of Hurricane Sandy.