PUBLISHED: Nov 23, 2010 3 min read

The Tablet Market

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

The iPad has set the trend, this upcoming year, tablets are here to stay.  Join my guest Ramon B Nuez Jr as we discuss some upcoming tablets that are hitting the market place.

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Ruben Quinones: Welcome back to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV I am your host Ruben Quinones and we have Ramon Nuez here what’s up.

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: Nothing

Ruben Quinones: You know audience now or

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: It is good we have audience here online.

Ruben Quinones: ——–. You have people that actually that’s great. Last time we talked about this thing the Pros and cons of it.

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: Yes we did.

Ruben Quinones: Put it that a way better.

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: Turn away here we go.

Ruben Quinones: What are some of the Tablet admissions keep in mind that you have one.

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: I paid and I played my wife Jesse and I played with the tab with the Samsung tab. The Samsung tab is coming out to —— 1st.

Ruben Quinones: Ok

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: And is coming out to ——. After that show ——————-.

Ruben Quinones: So why is that going to come up? No you just don’t know you just don’t know why it is coming up. So let’s come out of it really and is doing well very well from what I hear.

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: It do fantastic it doing very well. But it is —- tablet it is small tablet only 7 inch tablet. The I Pad is got some issues. So to look bigger and different operations and it is built and —-platform. We are running into two two and I verified it’s very nice it’s sneak, it’s fast, it’s really nice phone factor it’s great because it is very very portable. Now the I pad is very portable in itself but it is not so portable that you put this in your front pocket or in your secret pocket so for that we want to sponsor an event I think the Vice president of the company pulled out the tab from his back pocket by Jean pocket and that’s pretty cool because that is nice phone it was small. If again you are a content consumer I think it is very very good device than if you are content producer like you know you and I are it is limiting and it is frustrating. Start something that I am going to write a large blog post on or should video on someone.

Ruben Quinones: Right. So Ramon do you expect Tablet market gain extraordinary.

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: Yeah in 2011 we are ready in predicting a massive increase a massive —-tablet is been purchased and tablet is been pushed out.

Ruben Quinones: ——-

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: Analysis in general across the board.

Ruben Quinones: Ok

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: And the PC market unfortunately because of Tablet taking a —- beating because of that.

Ruben Quinones: Good very good. So heads up in the audience

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: Thank you so much. Oh sweating

Ruben Quinones: So have a good morning. Good afternoon, good evening whenever you are watching this and I will see you next time thank you Ramon.

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.: Thank you.