PUBLISHED: Dec 22, 2014 2 min read

How to Send Yourself a Copy of Order Confirmation Emails in Magento

One of the great things about Magento is that not every website change or customization that you want to make requires an actual Magento developer to complete. The ecommerce platform actually gives users quite a bit of control over their ecommerce website, allowing them to make configuration changes (amongst other things) right from the CMS admin panel. Once you’ve set up your Magento store, you want to be sure you know when an order is placed (so that you can fulfill it quickly). In place of being glued to the Sales > Orders screen, you can have a copy of each order confirmation email sent directly to you or anyone else on your team. This allows you to be more flexible, and not need to refresh the Dashboard to see new orders; they will automatically land in your inbox.

Before you begin, be sure that your transactional emails are all set up. To confirm, log into your Magento Dashboard and go to System > Transactional Emails.

Make sure, at the very least, that New Order and New Order for Guest are set up. This way, customers will get an email confirmation when they place an order on your site.

Now, we’re ready to set up your Bcc copy of the order confirmation emails. From the Dashboard, go to
System > Configuration.

On the left sidebar, under the SALES heading, click on Sales Emails.

Click on Order

Make sure Enabled is set to Yes. Then, put in your email in the Send Order Email Copy To field. You can add multiple emails by separating each email by a comma. Lastly, be sure that Send Order Email Copy Method is set to Bcc.

While you’re there, you can also set up Bcc emails of all the transaction emails (like Invoice emails and RMA emails).

When you are all set, be sure to click the orange Save Config button.

Now, when a customer gets an Order Confirmation email, you will too!