PUBLISHED: Feb 23, 2015 3 min read

Pushing Play on Ecommerce: Utilizing Marketing Videos to Increase Conversion Rates

A guest post by our ecommerce partner, Treepodia

Videos and Ecommerce

Selling has always been about communicating effectively.  The better you can communicate your offering, the more likely you can sell it. As attention spans get shorter, it’s increasingly critical to communicate quickly.  Whether you’re a novice or veteran online vendor, it isn’t hard to understand that video is an increasingly important part of selling online.

The logic is simple, video excels at delivering messages quickly, effectively and memorably because of its multisensory nature.

Just think about yourself; would you rather read through lengthy text to learn about a product, or watch a short video clip to learn the same information?  Your customers feel the same way.

Video is the obvious choice, and the trends for online video provide solid proof. As bandwidth improves and the majority of people use mobile devices to go online, which is already the case in the U.S., the trend will continue to accelerate in this direction. Did you know that mobile and tablet shoppers are three times as likely to view a video as laptop or desktop users? (NPD)


The Challenge of Product Videos

Ecommerce vendors face unique challenges when it comes to video.  They have hundreds, if not thousands of products to showcase, which makes it impossible to produce individual videos in the traditional manner with a director, camera person, and editor. When you consider that products, prices and promotions are constantly changing, this way of producing videos is clearly impractical.  A new solution is needed.

Introducing Treepodia

Established in 2007, Treepodia specializes in providing automated and dynamic videos for ecommerce and marketing. The company has generated thousands of hours of product videos for giants such as Ebay, Walmart, Cnet, Rakuten and others.

Treepodia uses a combination of templates and the ecommerce site’s product data to automatically generate thousands of short video clips on the fly. Since the clips are generated from data on the site, they’re always up-to-date. Treepodia has implemented this technology to generate product videos, and now to create retargeted pre-roll ads and personalized loyalty videos to take online marketing to a whole new level. Using your website’s big data, this new technology means email marketing recipients or YouTube viewers are exposed to ads tailored specifically to them and their unique purchasing patterns.

What’s truly amazing is that this technology was considered impossible only a few short years ago. Now it’s entirely affordable to mega-corporations and small and medium sized businesses alike.

Sample Ecommerce Product Video

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