PUBLISHED: Dec 22, 2014 4 min read

AmsiveDigital Cares & Brooklyn On Tech Digital Marketing Workshop Recap

On December 6th as a part of the AmsiveDigital Cares initiative, Amsive Digital hosted its first intro to coding and digital marketing workshop for the Brooklyn On Tech Scholars at its office in the Flatiron district. The workshop covered a number of different aspects of the search engine marketing business which included:

  • Search engine optimization techniques and developing a personal brand.
  • Search engine marketing techniques and how paid ads are targeted to you in the social space.
  • An introduction to how websites work on its back end and how to develop one from scratch.
  • An introduction to graphic design and how to make a concept go from an idea to living on a website.
  • And of course, a break for pizza and video games.

Several members of the Amsive Digital team were onsite to lead the day’s sessions, while many contributed in the day’s overall concept development and execution to make the scholars feel at home.

We had several questions for those who were key leaders in the day’s sessions about what made them want to be a part of the collaboration with Brooklyn On Tech.

What inspired you to get involved with the AmsiveDigital Cares and Brooklyn On Tech Collaboration?

“I can really relate and have a personal affinity to the mission of Brooklyn On Tech. Growing up in New York in a low income neighborhood myself, it really limits your resources to a bigger world, bigger options and a bigger picture. I feel strongly in giving back chances I’ve been given to other kids and even being able to empower them not only better career choices, but better life choices, as well. We all need mentorship and you’d be surprised how much one spark in your own mind can really influence your entire life’s path.” – Jennifer Gayadin

“I have a passion for Digital and I’ll jump at the chance to share my knowledge with others. Knowledge is truly “King” in this world and those who have are bound to flourish in any environment. I think exposing these kids to the space will give them a better chance to break in to it and do well. Hopefully this session acts as a head start to their future. If I can impact just a couple of them, that would be truly rewarding.” – Joel Maldonado

 How does it feel to lead a group of high schoolers in a lesson about a trade that you work in every day?

“I’m really excited about it. I wish I was introduced to this sort of thing when I was their age. I think it’ll be really insightful and I look forward to sharpening my teaching skills.” –  Joel Maldonado

I feel awesome to share a glimpse of what my day to day passion is. Passionate people inspire other passionate people. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to help someone potentially find what really drives them at their core and brings them happiness in that regard. – Jennifer Gayadin

“The actual preparation of the information the young adults will receive wasn’t something new I’ve experienced. I guess the feeling would be more of a responsible one. I feel responsible for the information the young adults receive so I made sure to be as thorough as I could all the while trying to make the experience enjoyable for them. “- Rahim Shabazz

Were you exposed to industries like tech or search engine marketing when you were of high school age?

“I was, but I was limited in understanding how many different career choices tech can really bring you. I’ve always had a natural interest with technology but translating that into my day to day never registered in high school. So many high school students start off with an idea of what they’d think they’d want, but end up not going for it.” – Jennifer Gayadin

“No. Where I’m from and in my neighborhood, people don’t really discuss having a career or even going to college. A lot of people just end up doing the same thing.”- Joel Maldonado

Both the Amsive Digital team and Brooklyn On Tech Scholars thoroughly enjoyed the day’s events.  The Brooklyn on Tech Scholars were bright, inquisitive and eager to learn more not just about the practices being taught to them but how they could enter the industry themselves. Scholars were left feeling more informed and empowered with the information and insight they received from AmsiveDigital staff members.

This workshop will become part of an ongoing series that the AmsiveDigital Cares initiative will take on in 2015 with Brooklyn on Tech and other community organizations.

To learn more about the AmsiveDigital Cares initiative and upcoming activities, please email