PUBLISHED: Dec 5, 2014 2 min read

Amsive Digital to Teach Coding and Digital Marketing Basics to Brooklyn On Tech Scholars

The AmsiveDigital Cares initiative will enable 20 high school students to learn about the basics of digital marketing and web development at AmsiveDigital’s NYC-based offices in the Flatiron District.


On Saturday December 6th 2014, NYC-based digital marketing agency Amsive Digital, will host Brooklyn On Tech scholars for an introduction to digital marketing at their office in New York’s tech-friendly “Silicon Alley”.

During this immersion session, Brooklyn On Tech scholars will be introduced to the basics of SEO strategies, SEM tactics and web development by Amsive Digital staff members. Strategists, Designers and Digital Specialists will share their passion of digital marketing while opening the door for any questions the scholars may have.


Michael Coppola, CEO and co-founder of Amsive Digital said, “Brooklyn On Tech is a great organization that aligns with our passion for digital marketing and technology. We hope our support can inspire some young minds to follow this same passion and find a path for their careers”. Since its founding in 2006, Amsive Digital has been involved in community endeavors while teaching at NYU’s Digital Marketing program and participating in other AmsiveDigital Cares activities such as the Food Bank of New York and the Pajama Program.


As a part of the AmsiveDigital Cares initiative, AmsiveDigital is dedicated to providing top notch services to our clients and, empowering the community through programmatic endeavors.  The workshop will become part of an ongoing series that the Amsive Digital staff will participate in throughout the 2014-2015 year with Brooklyn On Tech and other community organizations.


The Brooklyn On Tech program was founded by Accenture analysts and Brooklyn natives Jessica Santana and Evin Robinson. Their organization is designed to both educate high school students about tech-entrepreneurship and what is going on in the booming tech industry within New York City itself, while preparing them for what could be both a possible course of study and career path in the near future.


To learn more about the AmsiveDigital Cares initiative and some of our other upcoming activities, please send us an email at