PUBLISHED: Aug 13, 2010 5 min read

Old Spice Social Media Campaign

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

Did It Work?

If you’re in marketing, then you already have heard about the new benchmark for social media, the Old Spice campaign.   A two day marathon of personal video responses to comments across the web, which featured celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Alyssa Milano, George Sephanopoulos and more.  The personal video responses came from their current wildly popular television commercial personality, Isaiah Mustafah, the Old Spice guy. There were close to 200 video responses, about 6 million video views, and over 20,000 comments, which by the way, does not include the nearly 20 million views across video sharing sites for the original commercials online.  But can other brands expect this type success?  Well, the copycats are coming out of the woods already, à la Comcast, with no results to speak of.  We discuss why we think the Old Spice campaign succeeded. Subscribe Via YouTube or Itunes

Here is a link to where the video responses that started in their youtube channel.  Comments were collected from numerous sites including from their twitter account and facebook page.


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 Ruben Quinones:  Hey there! Ruben Quinones here welcome to episode of AmsiveDigital TV. Michael Stearne with me —– and we feel we comment on recent campaigns from Old Spice.

Michael Stearne:  Especially the Social media focus YouTube campaign.

Ruben Quinones:  So what do you think about? I mean they got all these publicity for it by the way its people around are to mean they know about it but Old spice if you have seen the commercials as staffer, you staffer as a big sports person put them on the web and you will find 280 of pieces he did. Put him on the web and he had real time almost immediate videos going back to people that tweet them in twitter and personal responses and there was actually one marriage proposal. So he was little concerned ——-.

Michael Stearne:  They launched in the morning they said ok and if you sends messages at Old Spice, we will pick up and make a customized response.

Ruben Quinones:  So but the realistic is was this a normal or is this a tell me for other brands or it’s just a timing

Michael Stearne:  One other branded tried something similar to Cisco computer hardware they tried to they recognized that there are rev- review sites for campaign and this You tube, we had a campaign and we had a response campaign and they tried to do the same thing. They launched in the morning and they said send us your questions you know we have twitter and get from that accordingly to respond. So they were going through speed —— and were trying to generate some voice. It did not work anywhere near as well as the Old spice you know possibly for two reasons the big thing that the Old spice had that they have a couple of big commercials before that, they had the Amman of course.

Ruben Quinones:  They had a traditional and this is where you can knock these traditional advertising medium because you had a amazing spokesperson that was Bill Thorpe a million dollars offline campaigns that preceded the social media campaign. So this symbol tic relationship you catches you go on and collision possibly it may happen at the end. But they have lot of — before the end.

Michael Stearne:  Definitely they have a 100 years of Old Spice running.

Ruben Quinones:  But they started themselves. Why are you sitting with me? ——–

Michael Stearne:  I told you ——–

Ruben Quinones: If you see controversy on it is fine.

Michael Stearne:  If you think about it is that the origin of commercial was so funny

Ruben Quinones:  It’s like a coke following.

Michael Stearne:  So finally I posted in face book and then I shared it with friend and whoever so. It wasn’t until probably a few weeks later until I saw that in television but it was backed up and it didn’t have a you know that character he is playing under the big brand recognition by the time his response this campaign came out.

Ruben Quinones:  It will be a record that Old Spice has given some numbers that sales have gone up considerably for last one or two more numbers.

Michael Stearne: Old Spice is cool over these today

Ruben Quinones:  But I think of days of the track I came over the tickets and you have to take in consideration that millions of dollars that they spent in traditional advertising and I think you have to set your expectations.

Michael Stearne: I will say that in better words I have seen high commercial adds.

Ruben Quinones:  Absolutely commercial but what I am saying is you have to set your expectations from everyone else and feel that hey that was great! But understand that they can’t play a great call forward before they were online. You know ——–Its five minutes.

Michael Stearne: He is called

Ruben Quinones:  Fast last 10 seconds go

Michael Stearne: Of 65 autographs he have.

Ruben Quinones:  ———–. Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good evening whenever you are seeing this see you next time.