PUBLISHED: Feb 19, 2009 3 min read

Oh Twitter Where Art Thou?

Well, obviously everywhere.  There is no surprise here that the crossover continues to move at an incredible pace.  Everyday we see a few more marketers find a place for Twitter in their marketing mix, even if there is no real strategic approach to using the platform to further their objectives.

For top brand marketers to small businesses to celebrities, twitter continues to provide a new outlet for communication.

At the end of the day, the real-time web’s social element is the key motivating factor for use.  Move aside the early adopting tech heads who compare sizes of their iPod application centers and you find the highest form of social communication: gossip!    Straight, simple, irrelevant and highly entertaining celebrity gossip!

Twitter the personal celebrity PR Agency – for a few seconds a day

I admit that in my most private moments, my eyes drift over to the wife’s recent copy of Us Weekly to check out what’s happening with my favorite stars. (I really did not say that and don’t tell her).  What caught my eye was how adopted Twitter has become in mainstream media.  The feature was “Trend Alert! Stars Who twitter”, and although celebrities have been rifling out their “tweets” for a while now, it looks like it has found a home for exposure in one of the top gossip weeklies.

John Mayer twitter and other celebrities

Celebrities like John Mayer:, Tina Fey:, Britney: twitter/britneyspears and Demi: all got highlights in Us Weekly to further their gossip brand with quoted “tweets” that readers gobble up.

Twitter provides a real point of personal engagement for celebrities with their fans.  It also allows them to reinvigorate their brands by keeping them young, relevant and youthful, yes Demi…you’re always 25 to me.

Celebrities can also use their “tweets” to misguide, manage spin and create controversy just like their PR agencies are challenged to do.  Most importantly the real-time web allows them to respond to the trends and stem rumors before they get out of hand.  PR in a few seconds can go a long way for both sides of the rumor mill.

Brand Gossip is just not as fun on twitter

Just like celebrities, Marketers need to figure out how to make it work for their brands. The reality is that brands with raving fans like John Mayer are going to have a much easier time attracting and keeping a following. Marketers for less popular brands need to think outside the box to tap into some unique content or gossip of relevance, or create new ways to capitalize on the real-time web.

AmsiveDigital has had some success adopting twitter for clients and we will highlight a few of these in coming posts.

What marketers do you think are doing it right?  Wrong?  Share your thoughts and let us know.

Michael Coppola is Founder & CEO at Amsive Digital, a NYC-based search engine marketing firm.