PUBLISHED: Apr 27, 2012 5 min read

Meeting New People Through Social Discovery Apps

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

In the last few months there has some buzz on mobile applications that introduce you to new people that share similar interests and are around your location real time.  Some of the apps discussed in this video include, Highlight, Glancee, Pearescope, and Sonar.  All four apps are available on the iPhone.  Glance is also available on the Android.


Host: Ruben Quinones.
Co-Host: Michael Stearne.

0:10 Ruben QuinonesHey there welcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV. I don’t if it’s gonna effect that you got your jacket over the camera there. Ok Michael Stearne here, it’s been a while.
0:18 Michael StearneToo long.
0:21 Ruben QuinonesIt’s been too long, short sleeves now, its spring in New York city, so we are good, wanting to meet people which is what this episode is about. Application that will help to meet people around you, not necessarily but if you wanted to, you know, you have a social awareness app which  that is actually promoting or at least making you aware of people around you. Do you think you can describe what it is? You know just describe what it is?
0:48 Michael StearneI guess so the term is Social awareness. Apps like Highlight which is sort of popular right now. We reviewed a while ago Sonar.
1:01 Ruben QuinonesRight the CEO of Sonar was here in an interview.
1:05 Michael StearneRight, New York base social awareness app Pearescope, basically they all do the same thing, they connect through Facebook, they try to look through your friends and friends of friends to make connection that are literally working by you or your choice of activity.
1:26 Ruben QuinonesPeople that have similar interest like you and/or people that are connect to you in same shape of the world, so you maybe two degree’s away.
1:35 Michael StearneYeah, basically mutual friends, for highlight app uses mutual friends and mutual likings.
1:43 Ruben QuinonesSo I did this for Sam a couple of days ago and you know and I found someone and I thought that he should you know, maybe take out on date.
1:54 Michael StearneFound a nice girl that like to do that right?
1:57 Ruben QuinonesSo people with similar interest right. So that’s not the only reason you use it I assume.
1:59 Michael StearneYeah actually it’s on the verge to podcast in it. Victor in the Eifel tower he said highlight main feature is battery draining.
2:17 Basically these things run all the time in the background. And they are constantly sort of pinging who is around you, where you are and they do cost you know, some of battery draining.
2:21 Ruben QuinonesBut do you have a favorite other world where to see because highlighting plant seed have the chatty than directly just message to someone either way.
2:40 I don’t believe sonar has that you know to tweet someone that way or to overplause. How does that work? And then there is the user interference. What it looks like; glassy looks ok, highlight looks probably the best, personally. What do you use?
2:58 Michael StearneI view like perescope mostly because I actually give it a not a stellar review on the I2 store and mostly….
3:08 Ruben QuinonesNow you feel bad?
3:10 Michael StearneNo no. I don’t feel bad because the review was based on all of the different apps that require you to log in through Facebook.
3:10 They are not building your own networks. They are just requiring you to log-in through Facebook. I don’t really use Facebook that much but; so my best connection sort of; the strongest awareness of who I am online isn’t really in Facebook. So I make that point and that CEO or I guess however or whenever, Evan Walter reach out to me on twitter saying “OK we understand there is a privacy issue. And we don’t happen…….
3:56 Ruben QuinonesLike happen to put that feature?
3:57 Michael StearneYeah. And they actually just recently pushed an update that dramatically reduces the amount of information that they do owe from Facebook and they are open to add more privacy…..
4:08 Ruben QuinonesWell what did it have an impact to society after all.
4:10 Michael StearneNO. I mean I think its kind of a bigger trend that everyone is building everything on top of; apps on top of Facebook.
4:25 Ruben QuinonesThat make it a longer episode but I the point you are putting out and that’s good actually good that you can easily tab into your Facebook or any other networks because it doesn’t now require you to  build a while new network and  hope that people join that platform.
4:41 Now with the issue with other half which I can’t remember where it was pretty much crickets because they didn’t aggregate your own profile.
4:55 Have a good morning, good afternoon, good evening whenever you are watching this. I will see you next week. That’s it.