PUBLISHED: Oct 22, 2010 5 min read

Marketing Yourself Through Your Social Media Profiles

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

With the ability to communicate to multiple people within seconds, its tempting to leverage your personal social profiles to market your business, but what is the way to go about doing so?  Watch this video as Larry Sharpe and I discuss this topic.

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Duration of Video:  4 min 42 sec.

Ruben Quinones: Welcome back to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV. I am your host Ruben Quinones and I have next to me is the Neo sage his name is Larry Sharpe but who is known as the Neo sage. You are speaker consultant and you are the Neo Sage.

Larry Sharpe: Yeah ultimate Guru, there we go.

Ruben Quinones: We want to talk about we are in Social media is big we all know that and like you know everyone campaigns here in the office and have had some good success with clients but how about if you are a small business owner will have some professional profile and try to use or leverage that tp market to your  friends .

Larry Sharpe: Sure

Ruben Quinones: You know there is perception it’s big you should make money out of it but they need not be successful may be there are various reasons for why. How can someone or should someone even try to leverage your personal profile for the business.

Larry Sharpe: It’s a great question. The issues what we have is we don’t want to be the typical network marketing multi level marketing of a —- I think that’s wrong. The network marketing or network marketing image which is hey! Friend buy this stuff. Now even though you may be in that world, its an image that people have, oh if I use my personal network to sell something I am like that I am being pushy.

Ruben Quinones: Right.

Larry Sharpe: And it is often true so what you want to do instead is, if I need something from my network, say I am looking for job, I am looking to sell a product, I am looking to fill the class what I should do instead of saying hey come to my class it is awesome like that instead say

Ruben Quinones: Wait wait,  it’s Awesome !

Larry Sharpe: That’s right like that it’s Awesome exactly instead of saying that

Ruben Quinones: Where did you grow up again?  Did you not grow up on the East Coast?

Larry Sharpe: I did —– I am one of the rare people who was born here in Manhattan, St. Vincents hospital.

Ruben Quinones: ———————————–.

Larry Sharpe: So ok what should I say?

Ruben Quinones: I think you are, I threw Larry Sharpe off of his game

Larry Sharpe: I am not out of the game come on.  Im with him.  Cmon

Ruben Quinones: ———————————

Larry Sharpe: So you are looking for your friends to help you out. So tell a part of your service, your class to get a job whatever the case may be. Instead of saying it’s awesome did u get that ?  instead say hey! Can you guys help me out do you know someone who? You are going to ask them before ——-you should what I am saying.  If he is your friend you can ask him for natural favor. Hey! Friends if you are friends can you help me out do you know someone who might want to go to this class, who might want to buy this product, who might get me a job that’s possible. If you are not necessarily friends that you are connecting remember this difference in asking for something you don’t have to make someone emotional you want to make them a hero what is that mean? Alright if I want you to buy my product or use my services. I could say hey! Friend network everywhere I am going to use that please get someone to buy my stuff that is one option or I could say hey! You know this stuff is great do you know someone who can benefit from it.

Ruben Quinones: Ok.

Larry Sharpe: See that change in language. The first one was hey help me out I need some business.

Ruben Quinones: It was Desperate and

Larry Sharpe: Yes and you feel not to doing it versus instance sayings this stuff is great could you know who can benefit from it where I am saying help somebody out better chances I do know someone is going to do it. But the best piece is if that person himself if they ask if they can benefit they will tell you truth. It’s me I want to join your class, It’s me I want your product, It’s me

Ruben Quinones: It seems that person do not really asking you for business.

Larry Sharpe: Exactly right! But what works here is if you do that way I don’t feel like you are listening me. If I am not that person I am not upset but if you are saying hey Larry do this and I don’t want to then I am upset. If it is ——————–.

Ruben Quinones: Good good thanks Larry you can find more about Larry you teach a lot of class

Larry Sharpe: Absolutely.

Ruben Quinones: In monitoring and selling

Larry Sharpe:

Ruben Quinones: That was Awesome.

Larry Sharpe: That was Awesome you are right awesome. You are right come on.

Ruben Quinones: Have a Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening whenever you are watching this see you next time.