PUBLISHED: Apr 28, 2021 5 min read

LinkedIn’s New Holistic Engagement Ranking Supports B2B Paid Strategies

Aurora Estrada

Aurora Estrada

Director, Digital Media

Which company should your B2B sales team nurture? Which company is ready for outreach? Or which one should be crossed off your prospect list? LinkedIn now shares a holistic engagement rank for your targeted audience list that prioritizes your prospects.   

LinkedIn’s Account Engagement dashboard offers new insights into your B2B leads through audience analytics. The dashboard holistically ranks your audience list of companies from high to very low engagement through a combination of data and analytics. This engagement ranking helps support and optimize your LinkedIn strategy. Marketers can now identify exactly where companies are in the sales funnel — and build strategy to move them further.  

The data that creates a company’s engagement ranking is: 

  • Website visits  
  • Ad engagement  
  • Organic engagement  
  • Company employees who are targeted in an active paid campaign  
  • Interactions with posts on your LinkedIn company page  
  • Site visits tracked by LinkedIn Insight tag  

You can view this dashboard in LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager.

How does LinkedIn’s Account Engagement dashboard benefit your paid strategy?  

Input a customized B2B audience. Or start to create one.  

To create actual conversions for your sales team, start with your wish list. What businesses would be your aspirational customers? You might have this list ready to upload into your LinkedIn Company page to start creating an initial targeted campaign. Or you might be starting with an idea of your best customers, and that works too. Your LinkedIn Company page has benefits regardless of how much information you’re starting with — soon, you’ll know exactly who to target with paid ads.     

Build awareness with dashboard data.  

Begin an awareness campaign for your company list and target critical individuals within them. While it varies by industry, adding relevant job titles creates a customized, highly targeted prospecting list primed to meet your brand.     

Once you go live with a campaign targeting specific company lists, LinkedIn will show you which specific companies or job titles are engaging with your brand. You can then create a secondary, data-driven campaign from this awareness campaign. The Account Engagement dashboard shares insights and identifies which companies have shown high to very low interest.  

The ranking results may surprise you.  

But ultimately, the numbers will either confirm the direction of your sales team or illuminate a needed priority shift. Either way, this reporting offers new insights that support an ROI-backed strategy.    

LinkedIn’s Account Engagement dashboard is offered to businesses if:  

  • Your ad account has spent in the last three months  
  • Your audience list matches at least 300 LinkedIn members  
  • One of your active campaigns (in the last 90 days) has targeted members who work for one of your audience-targeted companies  
  • Your list doesn’t exceed 500,000 companies for an uploaded list or 25 million companies from a third-party list  
  • Your list has a Ready, Updating, or Archived status. Reports aren’t available for lists that have been archived for more than six months.  

Retarget to nurture + convert

The first touchpoint between your brand and a prospect will likely not result in a sale. It’s the nature of B2B marketing. But it can pique interest and start a conversation that you can continue through strategically remarketing to those who showed interest in your brand awareness campaign.    

The LinkedIn Account Engagement dashboard can show you exactly who those individuals are — the ones with the highest engagement rate. Build a new audience and campaign with mid-funnel messaging explicitly developed to nurture and drive consideration from the highest-ranking companies, and even individuals, in your audience list.    

Creating an authentic connection with prospects takes time. And layering another round of remarketing to the highest ranking, of the previously highest ranking, takes audience list members to the final stage of your sales funnel.     

Complete your competitive advantage 

Your competitors have access to the same LinkedIn analytics and insights. How can you guarantee that your brand will be the first to reach the leads that will convert? With vigorous testing, constant communication and optimization, and identification data from various other proprietary or partner sources, we help our clients do just that by creating holistic solutions that go beyond just one channel or campaign.     

The new LinkedIn Account Engagement Dashboard shows precisely who’s engaging and how much with your branded content. If you don’t think your paid media team is making the most of this tool, get in touch with Amsive Digital. We’d love to discuss ways to ensure your content is optimized for the right audiences, served to them at the right time, and ready to capture their clicks.